In this world of the internet, where the world become digital. Jobs are also becoming online, and you can make money online. Internet and technology provide many opportunities for students to do online jobs and make themselves financially stable. These jobs provide the benefits of financial stability and offer experiences and skills that can make their future bright and help them in their careers. In this article, we show you the different types of online jobs available for students without any investment, and you will learn a new skill that provides you with many advantages.

Online Job and how to do it?


Students can learn or have skills such as graphic design, website designing, web development, content writing, video editing, CV making, digital marketing and other skills you have to work for international clients. Students can also create social media posts, help international students by doing their assignments and helping your clients to make a solid online presence.

How to do it?

1. Create an account on FiverUp word or other platforms

2. Choose a niche according to skills, market demand, and less competition.

3. Make an engaging portfolio and personal bio

4. Set your account by choosing a name and plan

5. Set your pricing by researching your competitor’s pricing.

6. Find clients by promoting your word on different social media platforms. Also, write an E-mail to your client about your word.

7. Build relationships with clients

8. Use these tools that help you make your word easy and take less time

1. Canva

2. Grammarly

3. Trello

4. Google Trends

5. Picsart

Social Media Management

Students these days know social media, and they know how to manage them. Students can use these skills by managing social media accounts for businesses or individuals. Many social media influencers need someone who can create engaging content, interact with followers, and analyze how social media improves their online presence. With the help of managing the social media account of other companies of person, students can increase their marketing skills. This will help you build business if you want to understand audience behavior and get valuable digital experience.

How to do it?

1. Always have a clear goal

2. Create a schedule according to your client’s priorities

3. Add stories

4. Post according to schedule

5. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and always find a way to improve.

6. Engage with our audience with exciting post and stories

7. Use same theme according to your logo

8. Quick response to negative feedback and resolve problems if you are managing product companies.

9. Change according to trends

10. Conduct Q&A to build a strong communities

Online teaching

With the help of online teaching and learning platforms, you can teach students can increase their academic knowledge. Online teaching and tutoring some platforms allows students to share their expertise and knowledge with others. You can teach English to international student in countries like china where people want there children’s to learn English. If your are a hafiz-e-Quran you can teach to international children’s Quran because Muslims face the shortage of hafiz-e-Quran in westerns countries. It will improve their communication skills, and develop a strong sense of responsibility. So you can find teaching jobs that will take your 1 or 2 hours and you will make good amount of money.

How to find online Teaching jobs?

Online teaching Platforms

1. Fiverr


3. Chegg Tutors

4. Upwork

5. Freelancer

6. Skooli

Quran Teaching platforms






6. Studio Arabiya



How to do it?

1. Add your expertise to one of these platforms

2. Promote yourself

3. Create an engaging portfolio and personal bio

Virtual assistant roles

You can choose the role of virtual assistant as a student, so you can provide management to organizational support for individuals and businesses. In this role you can provide your assistance on involving in managing e-mails of clients, conducting market research or surveys, scheduling appointments and handling many other jobs.

How to become Virtual assistant?

1. Work on your skill that you have and make it better

2. You must have software’s and tools that you must need like E-mail ClientsVideo ConferencingMessaging AppsGoogle driveZoom meeting and other use full tools

3. Create you portfolio

4. Set your pricing

5. Pitch your Idea or skills to client on zoom meeting

6. Provide excellent customer service

Transcription & add subtitle jobs

Many online platforms offer transcription, add subtitle and data entry jobs, in this Job you need to convert audio recordings of different videos’ into written text and add subtitle. This Job comes in the categories of video editing. Students can improve their typing, editing and organize skills by working on these tasks. These task are important in so many professional fields. This is also a long term solution of money making problem if you are keen to learn Video editing.

  1. How to find Transcription & add subtitle jobs?

Go to one of these platforms:

Transcription & add subtitle jobs platforms


2. CastingWords

3. Rev Captioning

4. 3PlayMedia

5. Rev Subtitling

6. GoTranscript

7. Scribie

  1. How to do Transcription & add subtitle jobs?

1. You must have a software like premier pro editor of some or these platforms provide there own software’s

2. You need to pass the test first.

3. You can do it in a easy way by ad voice to Google doc and convert it in a written form, so you just need to copy & paste.

4. Be careful about spelling mistakes

5. Check all your subtitles after adding them.

Tips & tricks to get Online Job

Developed trendy skills

1. Digital marketing is the most trending skill that you must have which provide you long term solutions and make good amount of money, It includes Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Creator.

2. Promote your person business or skill is a profession that you must choose because it’s easy to learn and you will make a good amount out of it. You can different social media platform like Instagram, Facebook ,LinkedIn, tiktok for promotions.

3. Web development is a skill in which you lean how to make and design a website. In this era, it is very easy to build a site with the help of WordPress and customize themes.

4. Graphic design in which you design logos, banners, thumbnails, illustrations, and other design elements with the help of deferent tools or website like canva.

5. Leaning the skill of SEO( Search engine optimization). In this skill, you learn how to derive traffic on your and your client website.


1. Time management techniques that can help to you manage you time as a student. You need to learn time issue for work, studies, and personal activities is important to maintain balance in your life.

2. It is very hard for you if you don’t have communication skills but don’t worry you only need confidence and you will learn these communication skills which help you in your professional life. Clear, clever, and professional words will help you to grab the attention of your clients.

3. Self-discipline and motivation to do online Job is the biggest task you will face. Working independently requires discipline and self-motivation if you want to go your work on time and deliver high-quality work.


Online jobs provide important opportunities for students to get todays word experience, develop early skills which helps you in future , and make you financial independence and stable . These roles not only offer quick financial support but also improve you skills that can be help you in future career. By doing or learn different types of online jobs available you need to take early active, It does matter you take small steps at the end step is more important.


Can online jobs provide a stable and long time income for students?

Yes, it is it will depend on your hard work and how much time you spend on it. So it is true that Online jobs are the best stable source of income for students. It is long term solution of your problem

Is it possible to balance online work with academic commitments?

It depend on you, learn time management skills, create schedule, setting priorities. Take small steps everyday you will get the results. With proper planning and discipline, you can successfully manage online work, studies and playing activities.

What are the most sought-after skills for online jobs in today’s market?

Digital marketing, Promotion, Web development, Graphic designSEO( Search engine optimization). is the trending skill you might learn but concentrate on the skills you have and you feel good after doing it.

Is there any scams in Online jobs ?

Yes, there are many scams in online jobs. So check the review of sites that provide you with jobs. Remember if any website is providing you the Job without taking any test there is a huge chance that they are doing scams. You do all the work and these sites will not pay you at the end. So be aware of any scam.

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