It is very easy to say, “Log Kya Bolte hai, mujhe farak nahi padta”. If you try to analyze, you will realize that we try to impress some or the other person to reach to the next level in our career or personal life.

Rebels are Rebels and they are rebels for a reason, yes a reason! They do what they like, because they have higher realms in life to please.

Likewise, if you thought being an entrepreneur is easy for the sake of leading your own life, then it is not. Cause you will have to please a lot of people. Starting from the people who will work with you. That’s because you have a higher purpose of serving people who matter to you.

The point is when you are trying to solve higher purposes in life, there might be incidents when it does matter to be careful of actions so that we go a step further. Now it being morally right or not is beyond the scope of this article. When we have our parents concerned about, “Log kya kahenge?” They are worried about the questions that we are yet not facing.

Everyone has their own challenges, and there might be ways to address them that we might not understand. The point is to appreciate it and be generous to each other and move towards our goals, in personal and professional life.
At the end of the day, where ever we tread in life we are here to please, if not everyone around us then at least to ourselves. When we are on a journey of pleasing ourselves at times, the times will come when we have to be taking care of others interest as well.

I would like to conclude with being generous to everyone around us, and no matter even if we don’t care about what people say when we are achieving goals, we make sure that we stay away from negativity yet not be arrogant and waste our energy that we can use to achieve our long term purposeful goals.

Will being generous and open to views help me grow quickly personally and professionally?
Yes, it will! Let patience play its part.

Cheers and Good luck!

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