You tried this many times, now you don’t shy to tell, the practise of meditation doesn’t work for you.

It’s even frustrating when people talk about it doing wonders to them. You tried every trick possible, experimented with every suggestion, but you can’t see tangible effects so far.

Wondering what’s next?

If you want to know, does it really work?

Yes, it does.

Why not for you?

Well! Simple you haven’t found your synch yet.

How do you find it?


What is that?

Sit back and study about the day you had, go through the decisions you had taken during the day, think about the moments that brought a smile on your face, the things that made you sad. Think about what kept you worried. Discuss with yourself, the things you did and be a consultant to yourself.

Start talking to yourself. Please do that.

Meditation won’t work for you, until and unless you don’t let it work for you. Don’t hurry into it. Let it come to you gradually.

When you discuss your own moments, take one case at a time. Once you start loving your own space, you are half way down to connect with meditation. Cause you are already addressing to the inner you.

Breathing techniques and guided meditation are a way to take you to the inner you.

Be a good consultant to yourself, and you are on the right way, where meditation will work for you.

Stay tuned, as I will get back with the next post on how to do self-analysis. Let’s meditate with our eyes open to start with.

Cheers and good luck!

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