I have been always fond of ancient machines and technology. I am personally biased with the technologies used in the past. There is a strong personal belief that there was a refined tech that existed. Probably, due to an exchange of information mostly in a metaphor way, there was a lot of loss in vital information over the centuries.

Let it be a truth or a fiction, the whole purpose of finding meaning in the mystics of ancient India is more than fun to me. Dholavira exactly plays with information and a story crafted to perfection.

I have read a lot about the way wars might have happened during those days. The ability to be mathematically right and the finding of ancient India are worth appreciating. Of late, I read a book which was a perfect blend of ancient mysteries and challenges of today. 

The book was a quick read, but I had spent a lot of time understanding the points mentioned in the book. It is clearly visible that there is a lot of research done to write this book.

Find more about the book: Signboard at Dholavira

This Signboard is spellbinding. Uncover the mystery. 

I have always been keen on understanding the science behind the stories that were or are broadcasted over the years. At times you feel are they part of fiction or are they real. Signboard at Dholavira plays a bridge to the gap between these two parallel universes. This is a very well researched and crafted book by Nishith. When you run down the pages you realize a point of view and research that’s gone through to make the things relatable in the fictional world. 

The flow of chapters is smooth, it is quick to read. Yet, I waited and spent my time researching along with the statements that were described. It helped me learn and revive my learnings in the past. Overall a thorough entertainer. 

Interesting tip: Try understanding what the book is about by looking at the Signboard.

Signboard at Dholavira
Signboard at Dholavira
Signboard at Dholavira - Book Review - The Must Read
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What I liked:

Integration of concepts in the storyline
Well researched and analogy 
The speed and flow of the book, makes you wanting for more

Possible improvisations:

You want more pages to play with when you are reading thrillers like this
My personal bias, but there were places where the story could have been descriptive and detailed which would have added more metal and emotions to this beautiful book.

In Few Words about Signboard at Dholavira:

Spellbinding. Astounding research and Work.
You can call it MOAB (In this case not bombs but books). 

The Review:
Book Type: Fiction
Category: Historical Fiction
Readability: Easy, Might require basic understanding to co-relate the terms.
Overall book verdict: 4.3/5 
Story & Concept: 4.5/5
Cover: 3.9/5
Overall Edit: 3.8/5
The flow of Chapters: 4/5
Quick Read: Yes, But you would like to wait and explore the information
Author Status: First Book
Publisher: StoryMirror Infotech Pvt Ltd; First Edition edition (9 June 2019)
ISBN-10: 9387269981
ISBN-13: 978-9387269989
Paperback: 200 Pages

You can get the copy of Signboard at Dholavira
PaperBack: https://amzn.to/2FWkzcy

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