Majority of people pray the Shiva Linga. Praying Shiva Linga gives peace of mind, success, fame, happiness, wealth and salvation. Shrungadarshan is a way to achieve the blessings of Lord Shiva

Shiva Linga - Shrungadarshan - Nandi Darshan - The Must Read
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We usually take a lot of care whole praying to God. There are different ways in which different communities pray. Some observe the rules very strictly to gain positive results of the blessings that they receive. 

Similarly, there are many ways to pray Lord Shiva and the Shiva Linga. “Shrungdarshan” is one of the ways to pray. It is one of the best ways to receive blessings from Shiva Linga and the Nandi. 

What does Shrunga mean? 

Shrunga means divine plays of Lord Shiva. The divine plays that lead the beauty of this universe. 

Shivgans (attendants of Shiva) and the Nandi who leads these Shivagans performs the divine plays of the universe with the help of Lord Shiva. 

Nandi regulates the “iccha shakti” of the Lord Shiva which is radiated to carry out the divine actions in the universe.

What does ShrungaDarshan helps to do? 

Shiva Linga Darshan - Shrunga darshan - The Must Read
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The activated waves of the will power or the “iccha shakti” from the Shiva Linga are emitted from the Nandi’s horns because of this a ceiling is formed inside the temple. This ceiling of waves is called the shivamandap.

This creates adornment of Shiva. Shrungadarshan is a spiritual practice where there is a flow of energy from Shiva to the devotee.

Shrunga Darshan Shiva Linga

Process of ShrungaDarshan: 

The devotee stands to the right side of the Nandi. 

The left hand of the devotee should touch at the back of Nandi. 

With the right hand’s index finger kept on one horn of the Nandi, the thumb of the right hand is kept on the other horn. 

The devotee then has to take the Darshan (observe) the Shiva Linga between his fingers or the frame that is created between the fingers. 

Shrungadarshan - Santan Dharma - Praying Lord Shiva- Shiva Darshan
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Benefits of Shrungadarshan

This is the posture that depicts the removal of anger and ego. 

The process of Shrunga Darshan also disintegrates the waves of materialistic nature and it helps to build satvik value helping to receive patience and peace of mind. 

How does it help: 

Our mind is one of the major factors that decide our actions and it also influences our health. The mind has the ability to manage our relationship, wealth and other essential factors of life. 

When there is imbalance of mind, there is imbalance of actions which result in overall problems. 

Praying to Lord Shiva helps have peace of mind and this peace of mind helps in to take better actions and result in overall growth.

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