What do you do when a dog decides to tell his life story? Well! I went on to read it a page more. After

Have you ever thought, how it feels to be a small animal in the world of Humans (Oh! I meant hoomans)? With humans having a sophisticated language to communicate, ability to express emotions exclusively, and ability to do more than struggle with the basic problems of survival, do they have the ability to understand what life means to other species that share the planet earth?

Won’t it be funny for most of the animals to see the way humans behave? There might be so many things so funny to see, which might be so obvious and logical for humans. Richa Kashyap has made an excellent effort to write down a narrative from an indie pup’s point of view. 

Richa Kashyap the author of “Puma – a soldier’s dog” also works as a Communications Manager with an IT Firm. She herself is an animal lover and has adopted two Indies called Mars Kashyap Bhaskar and Puma Kashyap Bhaskar who share her and her husband’s last names. 

About the book:

The book is about an indie pup, who enters a cantonment area while looking for food. Separated from his family, the pup gets thrashed for entering the territory of a pack of dogs who are lead by Sir Kattapa (the lead dog). 

With his ability to survive tested on day one, he is also blessed to be found by a Human (his dadda) on the same night. The book talks about how his life changes after meeting his dadda, and how he is passionate about being a soldier dog like his Dadda. 

The book takes you through a narrative from Puma on how his life has its own twist and tales. The way Puma makes friends and battles all odd trying to be what he wants. It is a super cute, yet story of a strong character. 

Puma Bhaskar is going to win your heart

The Review of Richa Kashyap’s Puma:

Book Type: Fiction
Overall book verdict: 4/5 
Story: 4.1/5
Cover: 3/5
Overall Edit:3.5/5
The flow of Chapters: 4/5
Quick Read: Yes
Publisher: Quignog (2019)
ISBN-10: 9387004139
ISBN-13: 978-9387004139
Paperback: 240 Pages
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When I started reading at first I thought I am a kid again, the way it is narrated rekindles the child in you. But, the moment I started reading it further, I realized Puma is on serious business. This book with its simplicity wins the heart. It is packed with emotions, values, and love. It is a perfect book to hand over to a kid. The book is not limited to them, it talks about undying passion and everything that an adult would like to have in a talk to self. You just want more of this book. In my personal opinion, I wanted it to go on for another 200 pages. Very subtle and soothing.

Highly recommended, it is also good for people who just want to start reading. It is a good first book. Simple, lucid, good story and everything has come out well. The characters have evolved amazingly. From Menaka to Niharika and the way he plays around the characters, beautiful.

Dog lovers it is a must read, you can relate and recollect your moments. Overall, nice effort and worth the penny. If you are reading this, you are opting in for a beautiful story.

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Richa Kashyap's Puma Bhaskar Review
Puma Bhaskar – A Richa Kashyap Story


A refreshing book and you can opt-in for a weekend read, or on your way to the office. Do let me know what do you think about this review. 

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