Anuj Tikku is know for his work in the Bollywood. Equally he is known for the travel blogging.

The ones who have read couple of his books, know that he has been on a writing spree in the last couple of years.

It is worth appreciating the amount of e-books that he has published in such a short period of time.

We at TheMustRead had a quick chat about the way Author Anuj Tikku is managing his day, and what is next in the pipeline.

TMR: How have you been managing the lockdown situation

NIneteen - Anuj Tikku The Must Read
Nineteen – The upcoming book by Anuj Tikku

Anuj: Well I have written a book called Nineteen on the pandemic, which is now complete.

I have been locked in my room as a writer and I am used to it and therefore the Pandemic has not had much impact on my life.

I am used to working from home as a blogger. So, in a way, I was prepared for the new paradigm.

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TMR: Which books/or activities have you taken up during this time

Anuj: There is another book I am writing with another talented writer Rajveer Ahuja, we will co-author the book, it is called “27 Days in Taliban”.

This is about a family trying to make sense of the Taliban uprising as they struggle with a new form of Islamic agenda.

TMR: Tell us something about your upcoming work?

Anuj: Well as I mentioned, the book Nineteen will be out soon, it is the story of a startup Biotech company trying to find the cure for the Corona Virus.

TMR: How do you plan to write a book? (Any checklist that you follow) 

Anuj: I don’t use structure much, I figure out the backdrop of the book and etch out the main characters.

After that I let my imagination go wild and the characters start interplaying with each other.

I try to figure out the end in advance that way it is easier to give the story a direction.

TMR: Which book is your favorite one, and why? (From the list of books you have written)

Anuj: “I also slept with Rashmi Verma” is the closest to my heart as it is based on my youth and on the love of my Campus life.

The other is “Yes sir I killed my dad” which is based on my father’s murder, but that is a dark theme.

TMR: Which city have you liked the most?

Anuj: I enjoyed Seoul in South Korea and London. They are my two favorite cities to be in, I have a lot of friends in those cities.

TMR: How has traveling and writing helped you evolve as a person

Anuj: Well writing and traveling have saved my life and given me immense joy.

I am happy that after five years of blogging and wring I have managed to make my venture profitable and my books are selling well. 

TMR: Do you believe people can make money by choosing writing as a career?

Anuj: Yes! Definitely more so now, writers are in great demand as OTT platforms are guzzling content, there is enough demand for talent.

But you must be talented and you must write every day.

TMR: What is your message to the readers? 

Anuj: My message to the readers is to read and have an open mind.

Thanks, Anuj, for your time, wish you a lot of success for your upcoming book.

I hope you have enjoyed the interview. Keep checking up this space for more author interviews.

That’s it for now.


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