Reliance Jio has made a big change in how phones connect in India. They started with fast 4G in 2015 & now they have brought even faster True 5G in 2022. They’ve made sure that people all over India can use this super-fast 5G internet. Now, Jio is giving this advanced 5G to businesses too.

Jio’s New 5G for Businesses

Jio has told everyone that they are giving a new kind of 5G to businesses all across India. It is called 26GHz mmWave 5G. They are doing this in all the 22 areas where they provide phone services. The government wanted them to do this, & they are following the rules. Another company, Bharti Airtel, also did something similar recently.

This special 5G technology lets phones be super fast and dependable. Jio is able to do this because they use a mix of different technologies. They have made their own special technology & they have a lot of network cables underground. This special mix makes sure everyone, including regular people and businesses, can use 5G easily. Jio even has a lot of this special 26GHz mmWave 5G, more than anyone else.

What Jio’s Chairman Says?

The boss of Jio, Akash Ambani, talked about this. He said they are keeping their promise to the government and to the people of India. They are making sure 5G reaches everyone as quickly as possible. He also said this is one of the fastest 5G roll-outs in the world. This new 5G is really fast & has very little delay.

How Businesses Benefit?

This new 5G is not just for regular phones. Businesses can also use it for their special apps and things they need to do. It’s even faster than the old ways of connecting. This new 5G will help small and medium businesses connect better and do their work more easily. It’s like getting really fast internet that can go up to 2 Gbps.

What do you think about Jio’s new 5G announcement? Do you think businesses will find it helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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