I love books that have titles that put a reader in thought. I recently read a book from the author Indrani Mirajkar the title read “Au Contraire, Mademoiselle”. As I had taken no lessons in French, I thought of skipping it then I read the next line, and realized it is a book in English Literature.

Indrani Mirajkar

On the Contrary, Madame as its literal meaning is a book with a refreshing plot. A young woman character is in charge of pulling out a series of events that will not inspire you but not stop you admiring her. The central character which is well developed in the form of Rani is a lawyer whose strong values and character are her strengths.

The book progresses slowly but eventually picks up speed with the flow of events. The author Indrani’s narrative is definitely one of her strengths as the narrative is flawless throughout the book. It definitely brings life to the book as creative visualization becomes easier. 

Another highlight of the book is its detailed description of events and situations. We often see that to speed up the book, there are many minute details overlooked. This isn’t the case with “Au Contraire, Mademoiselle”

The readability of the book is easy. The book is also recommended for readers who are just starting with reading. It will be easy reading this enthralling story. The book being well-paced it will help a newbie to enjoy their read. 

Overall it is a good book to have on your shelf and also to read it. The edits are precise. The cover is simple and smooth. 

No spoilers out, but the end of the book is worthwhile. You would definitely want to know more from the author about it. That’s how brilliant it is and that’s where the title starts making much more sense. 

This is what my precise review of the book is:

In a Nutshell:
A good and an intense read.

What I liked:
The strong character build-up.
The flow of events and the flawless narrative.

What could have been improved:
The pace of the book, at the start it is on the slower side.
The book develops and picks up pace eventually making it a good read.

Au Contraire, Mademoiselle

The Review:
Book Type: Fiction
Category: Indian Writing, Romance
Readability: Easy
Overall book verdict: 4/5
Story & Concept: 4/5
Detailing & Information: 4/5
Cover: 3.5/5
Overall Edit: 4/5
The flow of Chapters: 3.8/5
Quick Read: Yes

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