We might have observed a sudden fall in energy levels at home or in the workplace.

This fall of energy might lead to anxiety, stress and ultimately result in fights or depression. But, there are ways to maintain your energy levels. Let us understand what are different practices to remove negative energy. 

We might have heard people saying I was influenced by “Nazar” or any other problems where we don’t see the physical existence of anything but believe that there has been a deviation in reality.

We also see and appreciate that there is a form of vibes that affect us positively or negatively.

In short, vibes that are in our favor and the ones that don’t work in our favor. 

What are vibes or energy?

Positive vibes and energy - How to bring positivity
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Vibes or energy (here as a spiritual plane) is something that drives us to do the things that we do. We can also say it is the strength and vitality to sustain physical and emotional activity. It is the zeal and passion that a person carries during the day. 

Energy levels of an individual are strongly influenced by the place the individual spends time. It can also be influenced by the people with the individual spends time with. This energy levels can be modulated for the well-being of self. 

What is negative energy?

Is it draining you?

To keep it easy, any energy that drains you quickly and hinders the normal working of an individual is said to be acting negatively on the individual. 

Negativity is an overall effect that the energy carries on a particular place or an individual. There are many things that radiate energy around us. This energy is superimposed on all the things that are present in that environment. For instance, the overall superimposition of energy/vibes in a place will decide the overall effect of the place.

If the vibes are sucking the energy of the environment or making an individual feel lethargic, then it is important to work on the vibes. 

What it does?

Negative energy or vibes can directly affect the mindset of an individual. It can affect the energy levels, which can then be seen as physical output in the form of stress, depression or continued sadness. The output can also be seen as a drop of willingness to work or do any activity. 

On a physical plane, negative energy will absorb or suck the strength of the individual that they were using to support activities. If the energy is continuously sucked for a longer period of time, it can possibly physically manifest in the form of a disease. 

Your state of mind is related to many things. Simply put, we do what we think continuously, what we do makes us what we are. If we think of fitness, we can exercise, if we exercise over the years, it will reflect physically. 

But, it initiates as a thought process. Now, the energies have the ability to influence what you think of self and others. If someone is sad the whole time, it will be difficult to think of activities that will do good to an individual.

How does negative energy affect on long term

As the energy levels directly influence the activities, you might directly hamper the lifestyle of an individual. But, we will see what are the problems that people with lack of energy face. 

Stressed & Related Diseases:

Being continuously in a state-of-mind is not good. The act of balancing self is required. If an individual feels stressed or anxious it might physically induce diseases related to stress. 

Money & Wealth:

Money comes with hard work and intelligence. It is said to maintain money & wealth one needs to be blessed with positivity. A lack of energy and dullness might impact wealth adversely. 

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence:

A negative mindset can be a vicious circle. Getting out of this circle becomes difficult because an individual can end up convincing themselves that nothing is working for them. To change the mindset and approach a lot of external efforts might be required. At times in the form of a counselor or psychologist. To understand the problems and resolve them.


A good relationship is an outcome to be together after fights. It is the ability to accept and appreciate the shortcomings. If there is stress our ability to have patience diminishes. This isn’t healthy for a relationship of any kind. It might be a parent child relationship or within friends.

Why does negative energy affect us?

As discussed earlier, it is a superimposition of the vibes around us. The reason external energy may affect us is that within we are on a lower energy level already. It also matters how well do you charge yourself, physically & mentally. Do you meditate every day? How often do you exercise? Do you eat healthily? There are many factors that influence the energy state of an individual. 

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We allow negative energy to hamper us because we don’t charge ourselves back quickly, and avoid the mistakes that we have done earlier. 

What are the ways to develop positive vibes? (How to remove negative energy)

Remove Negative Energy - Positive Vibes
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Being Grateful

Having gratitude is one of the basic ways to develop positive vibes. When we crib about things we have, it generates negativity. When we appreciate that we are blessed for what we have and the way people help us it allows us to have a positive approach in life. 

We are a social animal, there are many lives that work on to make things easier for us. Imagine a distant technician who is working on an oil rig, his efforts lead to the journey that allows you to use fuel for the transport.

The ease of life, whatever it might, let it be food, water or anything else there are many factors that have done their job right for you to get a part of it. We should be humble and modest. Appreciating other’s efforts is a good way to build a positive approach.

Let It Go

We hold on to many emotions, which over a period act in a negative manner. The ability to let things go helps to build positive vibes. If we are still holding to a broken relationship, we will never be able to accept the love that is coming to us. If you are unhappy at the workplace, either change the place, work your way out, or let the ill feelings pass away. Continuous nagging will do less good. 

Breathing Meditation

Simple observing of breaths can be a good healer from stress. Observing breathing builds awareness and let goes all the unwanted thoughts that bother us. In fact, the body feels better, the mind feels lighter. It is a good process to rejuvenate every day. 

Grounding Meditation

This is a form of meditation where you ground the energies that are not required to the earth. You can take help of an expert. The grounding meditation includes the balancing of energies. It allows to let go or ground the energies that are not required and bring them in a balanced state. 

Practitioners of guided meditation have mentioned that they have felt calm and better post the sessions. 

Frequency Audio & Visuals 

The different frequency has a good effect on the human body. There are specific frequencies that can bring a calming effect. You can find them on YouTube to meditate upon.

These frequencies help you ward off unnecessary vibes that we carry from the environment. 

You can also check this YouTube Channel which have many videos for meditating and cleansing the aura.

Mantra Chants

Chanting is a good way to energize the human body. There are many “Mantras” that have a calming effect on the mind. A simple affirmation can also make someone feel better. Mantra Chants cleanses the Aura of the individual. You can take help of an expert to properly pronounce a mantra. 

You can also try reading affirmations if “mantra” is one thing that you don’t want to try. 

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and stones have the ability to absorb energy or ward off energies. You can take help of crystals and stones to keep away the negative vibes. You should take the opinion of an expert who can suggest which stones or crystals can work best for you. 

Each stone might have a different effect, but it can help remove negative energy around you.

Basil / Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant absorbs negative vibes in a particular space. It also provides oxygen throughout the day, which can help to keep the mood bright. Tulsi leaves are medicinal as well. Overall Tulsi plant can help keep positive vibes and remove negative energy.


Burning Camphor helps remove unwanted energies. You can light a Diya or camphor to bring in positivity. Camphor purifies space energy. Camphor can be burnt once a day. Care should be taken while lighting camphor. You should also check with the fire rules in your area, before experimenting with lighting camphor. 

Salt Bowls

Salt absorbs negative energies. It is good to have salt bowls kept in a space, where you feel there are negative vibes. It helps you to remove negative energy.

You can also choose to bath with water that has salt. This helps cleanse the aura. 

These are the basic practices that you can do to remove unwanted energies. If you have any queries you can comment.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease/problems. Individual results may vary. It is not monitored or tested, there is no liability of results if it is practiced by the user. You can read the complete disclaimer here.

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