Most of the businesses where the Facebook Business page is managed by either by the business owners or some of their employees whose main work area is not social media. 

Facebook is the most used social media platform in India. Its penetration is still growing at a considerable pace. You will find a wide range of users on Facebook. From Generation Z to Baby Boomers. In India, Facebook has touched almost all the pin-codes.

In the last 12 months, the activity on social media is dominated by Facebook and with a huge factor. If you compare the use of Facebook against the likes of Instagram, it is roughly more than 32 times. 


Social Media Stats by Use:

Stats of Indian Facebook Use in last 12 months.
Use of Facebook in last 12 months is significantly high for Indian Demographics

Facebook will likely have your target audience!

If you have a doubt, that will service or product has an audience on Facebook, most likely it will have. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms have their own set of audiences according to their preferences. But, the database of users with Facebook is humungous. Not only that the activity period is also very high. 

Different age groups do use Facebook differently, but much likely they will use Facebook in a week’s time. The attention span of some users might be low for knowing your service or product, but if the campaign is good enough, you might earn a second thought of your potential customer. 

There are a few businesses for which Facebook might not have an ideal set of audience or the time spent by the audience can be relatively low. Yet, Facebook is a great space for brand existence and use it as an awareness tool. 

Even though after so many users the biggest challenge that brands face on Facebook is that they don’t get reach, they don’t get enough engagement, the leads are not relevant. 

We will look into the common problems and see how you can possibly resolve them. 

We don’t get enough reach on Facebook Business Page:

This has been the major problem with Facebook pages that the reach has dropped over the years. Some blame it on the social media giant, but the major factor that creators need to understand is that the number of content creators has gone up tremendously. 

The data consumed by each user is still limited. Facebook through its algorithms tries to deliver the content that the user would like to engage. 

This also relates that not only you should have engaging content, but the content that you create is competing with thousands of other posts per day.  

If a user has around 1000 friends, and if there are 100 friends who have uploaded a picture, or shared a website link, or shared a meme, uploaded some status, or any other activity record on the account this competes to find a space on the user feed. In this case, Facebook out of its hundred thousand lines of algorithms checks the behavior of the user profile and the way it engages with the content. Post the processing of all the factors it displays data on the feed. 

If you are struggling with reach, hundred others are too. 

What is the alternative?


There are different types of ads that you can make use of. 

The latest one that Facebook has recently started is the ads to get reach on posts. 

Reach Ads by Facebook: New Launch 2019
Under awareness category: Find the Reach Tab
Facebook Reach Ads - The Must Read
Setting up the Reach Ads – Facebook

This types of ads only focus on getting more reach. If you have good engaging content, you will definitely get good engagement. 

Page Likes and Followers are not engaging with us!

This again is a major problem. This is again happening due to the low reach of your content. Most of your users don’t know that you have posted content. 

Even though users can set to follow your content by following it first. But a single user can only follow 30 pages as “Follow it First”

Facebook Business Page See First - The Must Read
Follow and See First – Facebook | Recommend Users to Follow and See First your content

There are also ad settings where you can set ads to promote to an audience who has liked the page. This type of content also gives a higher engagement rate when compared to open campaigns with the same number of reach.

It is always good to take leverage of people who have already liked the page, they are most likely to buy the product.  

Non Relevant Leads via Facebook Business Page

Facebook can be compared to the ocean in the world of Social Media. It is huge. With the huge amount of data that is exchanged, most likely the brand can be lost in it. 

A small error in allocating the interest or the demographics of the ads in a lead generation, or while promoting a post, will attract all the people that are not in the best interest of your business. 

The settings of the page should be arranged in such a way that it clearly describes what the business is about. It should clearly state the location, tag the services, and optimize the keywords, so the most relevant people interact with your business page. 

While running campaigns, keep the audience settings as precise as possible. There are ways to set an audience which are relatable and has an interest in your products and services. 

Optimize the page with key phrases and keywords

The social media pages need to be optimized for them to be visible easily to potential users. The category of social media page, the location, service timings, open hours and a lot more metadata needs to be clearly filled on a social media page.

Now Facebook also has an option to add a story about the business, it is a good practice to complete all the relevant data fields in brief. 

Content is King!

Well, the truth for all type of marketing and optimization. The Quality of content does matter. The campaign idea, creativity and simplicity scores more marks. The content needs to be engaging.

Make sure the content created is precise. The attention span as mentioned earlier is very low. You have to be direct with the messaging. Encourage a reaction but don’t write click baits. 

Use creative formats for uploading. Try short videos, memes, stories, live videos, story updates, and another alternative. Be quirky, manage the tone and uniformity of your brand. 

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Play with the trends!

It is a good idea to play with the trends. Taking leverage of ongoing events keeps the dice rolling to build more visibility. This might help you get more reach, engagement, and impressions. 

If you create good content, there is a chance that people would share your content. Trends can work as a catalyst to promote a page and build a connect with the users.

Score with Memes

There are memes for all the industries, sectors, events and what not. There is a huge library of creative memes. The ones which are non-offensive, sharing something offensive for any community is not only unethical but also harmful for the brand image. 

Strict No No for Click Baits

Times have changed, and writing click bait stuff or sharing click-bait links on social media will punish your reach. There are automated systems to detect click-bait content, based on the words used in the article and the title. 

Facebook has been open about click baits and how the system automatically blocks the content. 

Plan your content

Planning social media content is very important. Being spontaneous will not only break the continuity, but it will also be difficult to maintain uniformity to share a precise message to the users. 

It also becomes challenging to bring good conversions and sales if the content is not aligned to a strategy. Make a monthly schedule and have proper CTA. 

Timing of Posting

The time of posting plays an important role. You can find when your followers are active in the insights tab of the page. If you use these timings to your benefit, it will help over a period of time, and reduce the spends. 

Insights about when people are online - The Must Read
Note that this is according to pacific time, convert that to Indian Standard Time or To your Location before making changes to posting plans

Don’t use more Hashtags

Using too much of hashtags is a straight NO! Facebook restricts the promotion of content which has more hashtags. Use meaningful hashtags. Restrict the use of hashtags to 2-3 per post. 

Using Hashtags while promoting your content with trends, this activity helps build a good overview engagement for the Facebook Business Page.

Tag Relevant People / Brand

Tagging other relevant Facebook Business Page does help build reach and attract the right audience. Consistently Tag and Wait. It is a game of patience. Don’t be spammy. But, create meaningful conversations. Appreciate industry leaders. This will help create value and a re-share might be worth a bag of gold.


Facebook is a great place to promote business. We usually miss out the opportunity due to lack of awareness. Ads will help you break the deadlocks and help your page gain new heights. Without investing there are no returns.

Good luck with your Facebook page!

If there are any queries, feedback, and questions, please do comment. 

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