How often do we be harsh on ourselves, and crib about the thing that doesn’t work out for us? What do you do when you have a struggling personal life? 
Let’s have a first hand on what Seema Punwani has to say through her book Cross Connection.

Struggling in relationships? A very few, take a deep breathe and give themselves a second chance at life. Inspired with a few incidents in her life, Seema thought of giving a second chance to herself. She is a marketing professional, and recently launched her first novel “Cross Connection”. This is Seema Punwani’s first piece of published work in writing. She has been fond of writing since the mid-’90s but writing first book required inspiration. 

About Book:

Cross Connection by Seema Punwani is a story about the quest that people have to find true love. It resonates with most of us. But, it is not about the one who is looking to get into a relationship for the first time, but about someone who had a failed relationship. It is about re-working the challenges amidst of working life and finds a soul mate. The story revolves around Sama, who is trying to find a healthy relationship. She meets Zehn who is married, their tale has a lot of twists to find what they really want. 

Cross Connection is a well-written story and connects with the reader. It is a short and sweet story. Taking you through the twists and turns of dating. Literally a virtual tour of emotions and the challenges that individuals have while dating. It is emotional yet quirky. This book is a great read over a weekend. You would love it. 

Seema Punwani - The Must Read - Cross Connection - Book Cover - Vishwakarma Publication

​Overall book verdict: 4/5​
​Story: 4/5
Cover: 4/5
Overall Edit:3.5/5
The flow of Chapters: 4/5
Quick Read: Yes
​Author Status: First Book
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications
ISBN-10: 938645596X
ISBN-13: 978-9386455963
Paperback: 240 Pages
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More about the author:

Seema Punwani is a marketing professional, single mother and currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing in Singapore. She was born in Mumbai, spent most of her time growing up in Mumbai and now settled in Singapore.
Twitter – @seemapunwani
Instagram – @seema_suchislife
Facebook Profile link –
Facebook Page handle – @seemapunwaniauthor
Blog link:

The Must Read - Seema Punwami - Cross Connection - Book Signing

A small chat with Seema:

I recently got a chance to be with Seema discussing her book. The challenges that she faced, and what keeps her going. Some interesting insights from the talk were about how we should find time for ourselves and give us that second chance. She believes that for the things that we desire, need or aspire, it is very important that they are chased with priority.

The Must Read - Words of Akshay - Akshay Dalvi in chat with Seema Punwani - the author of Cross Connection by Vishwakarma Publication
In candid chat with Seema Punwani – the author of the book Cross Connection published by Vishwakarma Publications.

She also talked about how people today have a challenge in finding the right relationships. In a world where we are deeply rooted/connected, our real relationships go for a toss. Seema mentioned how writing this book has taught her to be disciplined and moderate her efforts into something meaningful. 

Now Seema Punwani is looking forward to completing her second book very soon. She is a gem of a person and we wish her good luck. 

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