Welcome back the blog income report!

Those of you who are here for the first time, I would like to tell you that this not like a traditional blog income, going all hands out. We are heading into our six month of blogging (Though the blog was first launched in 2013).

Back in May 2019, I developed a blog for books, reviews, and much more.

Also, those of you who are not aware what I do. I’m a marketing professional who is currently looking at operations of an international firm. Blogging is more of a passion, and also to learn new techniques that are evolving in the world of digital marketing. 

This blog is a learning experience. I wanted to share my experience with young bloggers, on how it can be challenging to start making money with blogs. 

Back to the MONEY part 😉

This was a good month. Had decent sales for promotional solutions on the blog. 


Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting: 529.82 INR (7.5$)

Ad Promotions: 2100 INR (30$)


Promotions: 10500 INR (150$)

E-book Promotions: 143 INR (2$)

10500 + 143 – 2100 – 529.82 = 8013.18 INR (114$)

I’m still not putting any additional efforts for book sales. I have just kept it idle for more than two years now. Though the first year with the book was interesting. I will probably think of promoting it again sometime in future. 

Blog Income Report Overview From The Restart May 2019

May 201948$25$23$
June 2019115$30$85$
July 2019253$55$198$
August 2019352$180$172$
September 2019152$38$114$

Learning for this month

Continuity in blogging

Well I am overlooking myself, by not writing enough. Now, that I have got a great head start with blogging I am still not finding time to work on this blog.

With me it is because I have a day job, and that’s currently the priority. When it comes to people who want to evolve into full-time bloggers. Consistency is the key. 

Personal Benefits of Continuous Blogging

Better at Writing 

When we write regularly, we start getting better at it. More importantly you will be able to understand what is working for your blog.

You will understand the loop holes and that’s crucial for the growth of the blog. 


As you write, you will notice the game is getting easier. Not only that is will be easier for you to monetise as the content grows. Though you need to be precise and work hard on your content. 

Well folks! That’s it for this time. I think I will try to fetch 150$ every month from here on without ads or affiliate marketing. 


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