Yippee! What a month! (Spoiler: Considerable rise in the blog Income Report)

No wonder it’s the birthday month for “TheMustRead”

I can’t keep calm because we managed to get promotions of more than 20K INR. 

Okay coming back to what I keep mentioning in my income reports for this blog is that I need to be disciplined, I need to not make mistakes that I have made before, and I want to learn new techniques of marketing with this blog. 

But, I screwed up!

I carelessly didn’t take a back up. Then I missed notifications on my mobile and emails to renew. I was assuming my credit card might have swiped the essentials for the blog. But, as my science teacher once said, “Akshay! You don’t make assumptions”. 

I should have not made assumptions. I had to end up paying 6K for the back up. 

Constantly Growing

As I told you in this blog I am not banking on ad revenue. That’s is the main reason as of writing this blog I haven’t published any display ads. Initially I am not even into affiliate marketing.

Because, affiliate marketing is a complete different strategy. I do so affiliates for books. But, to be honest, I am not putting in efforts that one needs to, to make a substantial revenue with affiliate marketing. 

Find your Niche!

I’m trying to make revenue very clearly with basic concept of providing quality content. Creating a niche set of users/visitors. These visitors benefit from the information. The promoters find the blog relevant to promote related products. 

I will keep doing this for a certain period of time, until I see if it is not working the way I am expecting. 

Quick Snippet: Blog Income Report August 2019


GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting: 529.82 INR (7.5$)

GoDaddy Backup Service: 6428.64 INR (91.8$)

Domain Renewal: 706.82 INR (10$)

Promotion Expense: 4900 INR (70$)


Promotions: 24500 INR (350$)

E-book Revenue: 147.72 INR (2$)

Total: 24500 + 147.72 – 529.82 – 6428.64 – 706.82 – 4900 = 12082.44 INR  (172$)

Overview of Blog Income in 2019

May 201948$25$23$
June 2019115$30$85$
July 2019253$55$198$
August 2019352$180$172$

** I restarted this blog from scratch in May 2019, with a completely new genre.

Learnings for this month


Keep taking BACK UPS!!! 

If I had one, my net blog income this month would have crossed 200$. (Well, let’s wait for this happiness)

Invest into copywriting. 

For me I have been writing for many years for different clients. If you are new to the art of writing. Take efforts to learn the technicality of writing. This will help you to accelerate the growth of your blog. 

When I restarted this blog, I read that the SEO has changed and you need long and information based blogs. I thought I will experiment. I wrote some long blogs in May. 

They are performing very well. In future, if I get time, I will try to create some tips/courses/blogs for better copywriting. (Keep watching this space for updates)

Challenges with backlinks

I have shared that the domain is old, the site was a news site, back then. There were many links that were associated with it. 

There was a lot of spam connection to the blog. This has kept the DA (Domain Authority) of the blog very low, and I am having a tough fight improvising it. 

Make sure you maintain best practices to grow your blog. I always prefer white hat practices.

It was just in 2017-18 when I had totally taken my attention away from this blog. It went completely down. Now, it’s an uphill task to build a good reputation.  

Flash Back from the rains of 2013:

Back in August of 2013, when I use to take classes to teach SEO to students. I use to recommend my students the links to read blogs. The blogs that will help them. As the number of students increased, I had no time to go and send messages to each one of them every day. 

Thus, I created a group on Facebook: The Must Read Links (In next two weeks it was hit)

Let the readers benefit!

That time thousands of students joined in. That is when I decided I will create a blog. It was just to share the things that you must read to learn a specific thing. 

Back then videos were just about to grow. By the end of August, I had a blog. I had just learned to work on WordPress. Ever since it has been a wonderful journey!

Are you starting your Blogging Journey?

Every journey is fun, I am sure you are going to love this journey.

Even if you are mid-way in this journey, I would recommend an e-book that I wrote. It will help you to avoid mistakes that we usually commit while chasing our dreams. 

I’m sure this book can help you. Many people have appreciated it on Amazon.

Read some free pages from the e-book, and I’m sure you will find its worth. 

That’s it for now folks!

Happy Blogging!


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