Welcome back folks!

I’m happy to let you know that we have managed to make 1000$ in 6 months without affiliate marketing and display ads.

I thought of trying it in a different way through this blog, and I am glad I could actually achieve it. 

First before we go with about our learnings and details of the month, let’s have a quick overview of how these 6 months were after the restart of the blog. 

6 Months Blog Income Report – TheMustRead

May 201948$25$23$
June 2019115$30$85$
July 2019253$55$198$
August 2019352$180$172$
September 2019152$38$114$
October 2019126$33$93$

Learnings from the last 6 months:

Go Premium

You can’t compromise the quality of the blog. You cannot choose things that are not premium for your blog. While doing so it might take up some cost. But, if you don’t invest, we are not taking anything home. 

If you are starting a blog, plan all the activities, and get the best of things that you need for your blog. If you compromise, the blog will be compromised.

Stick to your Niche

Niche writing is tough, and when the revenues are not pouring in as expected, it is easy to quit. Please understand sticking to your niche will help you generate revenue in long term. 

Stick to generating content in your niche, it will help you in long term.

Blog Income Report for the month of October 2019


GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting: 529.82 INR (7.5$)
Ad Promotions: 1750 (25$)


Promotions: 8750 (125$)
-book: 93 (1.3$)

8750 + 93 – 1750 – 529.82 = 6563.18 (93$)

Quick Flash Back Fact

I had this domain for over six years now. I never made money on this blog, the way I have done it in the last few months. 

Mostly because money on it was not the priority. May be I was not implementing the things that are essential, the way I use to do it for my clients. 

Well, I think I don’t want to be greedy to run wild on generating business on this blog as of now. I think I will keep it slow. But, now I am sure I can make money on this blog at will.

Need some more Inspiration!

If you are struggling and have doubts on how to do things that you like. Do you find challenge building a strong mindset? 

Well, go and check out my book on Amazon. It definitely will help you manage your challenges in a better way.

I’m sure this book can help you. Many people have appreciated it on Amazon.

Read some free pages from the e-book, and I’m sure you will find its worth. 

That’s all for now folks. If you are planning to start the blog. Don’t wait. Just go ahead and do it.


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