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My interests towards reading started with Wikipedia, and reading productivity blogs.

I wanted to have information on self-development every day. There was a time when I was skimming through 30-40 blogs a day, apart from the daily work schedule.

I thought of going through must-read books, but I had to spend a lot of time reading them. Though I made sure that I am reading them. (At cost of extra time spent)

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Why Blinkist?

I wanted quick insights.

I wanted to save time.

Blinkist was a tick mark for both. I could get insights in less than 15 minutes.

It was perfect for someone like me, whose motive is to capture gist of the book, see what’s in there for me and move on.

My Subscription with Blinkist?

At first I thought it is quite expensive, but nothing comes without a cost. For a comparison I was spending more money on OTT Platforms for video streaming.

I worked out calculations to satisfy my mind and realised it was worth every penny.

Because, if I had gone up reading the number of books that I have read on Blinkist, then I would spend a lot of time reading. Not to forget the money I had to invest in books.

Plans with Blinkist

Blinkist has evolved ever since I first used blinkist. It is easier, they now have got a free trial + you can use it for free with limited excess. This was not the case before.

If you are unsure you can choose monthly plan. With year plans you can choose to have a 7-day Free Trial. You need to cancel the plan before 7 days if you don’t find it useful.

The support team at blinkist is helpful, and I personally never had an issue with payment settlement.

If you still want to just check the experience of blinkist, they have got a new Basic Plan

It is definitely a must-try for entrepreneurs, avid learners, or generalists because the exposure to books is so high.

Content Category Diversity

There is a huge content diversity availbale with Blinkist. You have so much to read, and from interlinked or independent categories like career, business, psychology and more.

They have more than 20 Categories on Blinkist (27 at the time of writing this article.)

There are plenty of books in each category. You also get recommendations to read the next book which is linked to your current read.

This feature allows you to capture as much as reads possible in a particular category.

Blinkist - Top Categories & Books
Start Reading

How to Avail Discount for The Must Read Users:

Click on the banner below, you will be headed to the website. & Register your account.

Once the new tab opens in your PC. Go to Start a Free Trial. You can choose to register from an email or Facebook Account.

Start your free trial and opt to register a new account.

You can choose to sign up with social account as well.

Enter your details as requested, and start your free trial. On the 7th Day you can choose to continue or discontinue the service as per your needs.

Features of Blinkist

You have a quick read on Blinkist, make highlights for referring back and most importantly they also have audio books available.

That makes it easy for you to read/listen at your own pace.

Blinkist let’s you know about the expected time you will spend reading a book.

Overall it is an amazing app. I do know there are many other apps, but I have enjoyed this app so far, and makes for a great reading experience.

That’s it for now folks.