What is Arogya Sanjeevani?

It is a standard health indemnity health insurance policy which provides a coverage of 50,000/- to 10 lakhs.   This is called a standard policy because all its benefits, terms and conditions are same all over India.

Indemnity health insurance policy: – This type of health policy covers the actual medical expense, when you get hospitalized. But, to avail this, you have to be hospitalized for minimum 24 hours. Pre and post hospitalization cover, in hospital expense (Room rent, ICU rent, doctor’s fees etc.) and other charges are covered under this policy.

Individual Health Insurance: – Under this, only one person is covered under the policy.

Family floater plan: – Under this policy, more than one member can be covered under one policy. It is called a family floater plan because it includes family members. Generally, a family floater plan covers you, your spouse, children, and your parents. But in some cases, you can extend it to your parents-in-law, grandparents, and also dependent siblings

Features of Arogya Sanjeevani policy

Look at the features of arogya sanjeevani policy given below and find out why you should buy arogya sanjeevani policy.

  1. Economical: – This policy is more economical than other policies. Because it require very less premium amount as compared to other health policies. 
  2. Easy to buy: – You can buy this policy online easily. All the processes are very simple. So, it is also less time consuming. 
  3. Easy to claim: – The claim process here is also very simple. So, the claim process will be less time taking.
  4. Sum insured: – Sum insured in the arogya sanjeevani policy is from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs.
  5. 24×7 assistance: – You will get any kind of help whenever you want.
  6. Covid-19 coverage: – It covers covid-19 in its less amount of premium.
  7. Cumulative bonus: – You will also get a bonus amount of 5% to 50 % of the insured amount for each no-claim year.
  8. Network hospital: – This policy has a large range of network hospitals. So, you can get cashless treatment in the hospital which is most convenient for you and provides good services.
  9. Co-payment: – You have to pay a low amount i.e. 5% of total expense till the insured amount.
  10. Types of policy: – You can take both individual and family floater plans under this policy.
  11. Terms, conditions, and benefits: – Arogya sanjeevani policy has the same terms, conditions, and benefits all over India. So, you will not be confused, about where you have to buy the policy.
  12. Discount on buying the policy online: – When you buy this policy online without any middleman, you will get a discount on the policy.

Benefits of Arogya Sanjeevani policy?

The list of benefits of Arogya Sanjeevani is given below.

  1. Low co-payment requirement: – When you buy an Arogya Sanjeevani insurance policy, you will have to pay a low amount i.e. only 5% of total expense.
  1. Life-long Renewability: – Here you can renew your policy for your entire life. There is no upper age limit for renewal.
  1. Low premium amount: – According to IRDAI, premium amount for this policy is cower as compared to other health policies.
  1. Individual and Family floater plan: – Under this policy, you can avail both individual and family floater plan.
  1. Cumulative bonus: – It also provide cumulative no claim bonus for every no claim year. The bonus amount varies from 5% to 50% of amount insured.
  1. Alternative treatment coverage: – Alternative treatment expenses are also covered under this policy. Here, alternative treatments refer to AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy).
  1. 15-day free look period: – This policy provides you a 15-day free look period while buying the policy. During this time, you can analyze the policy. If not satisfied with it, then you can return the policy.

Note that this free look period is provided at the time of buying, not at the time of renewal.

  1. Income tax benefits: – If you have bought this policy, then you are qualified for deduction in income tax under section 80D of the income tax act 1961.
  1. No confusion: –This is the most important feature of the arogya sanjeevani policy. This policy clarifies all the doubts of the policyholders regarding their policies. Because all companies provide the same coverage amount and benefits under this policy.
  1. Convenient option for first-time policy buyers: – For first-time health insurance buyers, buying an arogya sanjeevani policy is a good choice. Because in this policy, you can get many benefits in a low premium amount. Also, there is no chance of doubt about the policy coverage as all the companies provide the same benefits under this policy.

What does an Arogya Sanjeevani policy cover?

Look at the inclusions of Arogya Sanjeevani policy,

  1. Daycare treatment: – As you know, due to technical advancements, there have been many improvements in the treatment methods. So, many treatments and surgeries can now be done within 24 hours. Hence, there is no need for more than 24 hours hospitalization anymore. Arogya Sanjeevani policy covers the daycare treatment expense.
  1. Hospitalization costs: – Arogya Sanjeevani covers the costs occurring during your hospitalization. Hospitalization costs include doctor’s fees, room rent, nurse charges, etc. Room rent up to Rs.5,000 rupees daily will be covered by the policy.
  1. Pre and post-Hospitalization expenses: – It also covers pre and post-hospitalization costs. Pre-hospitalization cost includes doctor’s fees, cost of diagnostic tests, medicine cost, etc. The post-hospitalization expense includes follow-up check-ups, medicines, doctor’s consultation fees, etc. Arogya Sanjeevani policy mainly covers pre-hospitalization cost up to 30 days before hospitalization and post-hospitalization cost up to 60 days after hospitalization. 
  1. Ambulance cover: – It also covers the expense of an ambulance for emergency transport before and after hospitalization. It is very much necessary, because ambulance charges may also impact your budget in many a case.
  1. Covid-19 cover: – After taking all three doses of vaccines also, the threat of covid-19 is not over yet. You must be knowing the sharp fall in the financial conditions of people during the last pandemic. So, it is very much necessary to have coverage for covid-19 under the health insurance policies and arogya sanjeevani policy covers it. 
  1. Alternative treatment coverage: – It covers expenses of other treatment methods other than allopathic treatment. The alternative treatment methods, whose expenses are covered under it are AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy).
  1. ICU/ICCU Coverage: – It covers 5% of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and ICCU (Intensive Coronary Care Unit) expenses up to 10,000 rupees.
  1. Plastic surgery and dental treatment: – If treatment of any disease or injury due to any accidents requires plastic surgery or dental treatment, then this policy will cover it.
  1. Cataract treatment: – It covers 25% of the treatment cost or up to 40,000 rupees, whichever is less for cataract treatment for each eye.
  1. Accumulative bonus: – Here also you will get a 5% bonus on the insured amount for each claim-free year. This will go on increasing with an increase in the number of no-claim years.

But, to avail this benefit, you have to renew your policy on time. There should be no brake in the policy renewal.

  1. Advanced treatment coverage: – It also covers the expenses of advanced treatment. The advanced treatments, which expenses are covered under the arogya sanjeevani policy are bronchial thermoplasty, intraoperative neuromonitoring, balloon sinuplasty, intravitreal injections, oral chemotherapy, robotic surgery, and many more.

Advanced treatments covered under Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

Look at the list of 12 advanced treatment methods which are covered under this Arogya Sanjeevani policy.

  1. Uterine Artery Embolization and HIUF (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
  2. Balloon Sinuplasty
  3. Deep Brain Stimulation
  4. Oral Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy (Monoclonal Antibody to be given as injection)
  6. Intra Vitreal Injections
  7. Robotic Surgeries
  8. Stereotactic Radio Surgeries
  9. Bronchial Thermoplasty
  10. Vaporization of the Prostrate (Green Laser Treatment or holmium Laser Treatment)
  11. IONM (Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring)
  12. Stem Cell Therapy – Hematopoietic Stem Cells for bone marrow transplant for hematological conditions to be covered

What arogya sanjeevani policy does not cover?

Here is the list of treatments that are excluded from arogya sanjeevani policy.

  1. Cosmetic or plastic surgery: – This policy does not cover the expenses of beauty enhancement treatments like cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. It will cover plastic surgery, only if it is necessary for the treatment in case of emergencies like serious illness or any accident.
  1. Maternity coverage: – This policy does not cover maternity-related costs.
  1. Obesity treatment: – It will not cover the cost of fat control.
  1. Injuries due to adventurous sports or job: – If got any injury due to adventure sports (Example – Bunji jumping, Paragliding, Ice skating, Rock climbing) or any dangerous job (Example – mining, hunting, tracking); then your cost of treatment will not be covered under this policy.
  1. Addiction to harmful substances: – The problems you will face due to addiction to alcohol, drugs, or any other harmful substances will not be covered under this policy.
  1. Gender change treatment: – The expense of treatment while changing your gender will also not be covered under this policy.
  1. Fertility treatment: – It will not cover any expense of fertility treatment.
  1. House treatment and OPD expense: – It will also not cover the expense of your treatment at home or at OPD (Out Patient Department).

An OPD is a place, where the patient first visits when he/she goes to the hospital. There, they will perform some primary check-ups. Then they will send him/her to the respective department for further treatment according to the diagnostics report.

  1. Dietary supplements: – It will not cover the expense of dietary supplements. Because these are not a part of medication and health insurance covers emergency treatments, not planned events.
  1. Injuries due to criminal activity: – When you got injured due to any unlawful activity, then its treatment will not be covered by this policy.
  1. Treatment outside India: – This policy does not cover the expenses of treatment outside our country.
  1. Treatment without the recommendation of a doctor: – If you are undergoing any treatment without a doctor’s recommendation, then it will not be covered under this policy.
  1. Injuries due to war or attack: – If you are injured due to any kind of war or attack (nuclear, chemical, or biological) or riots, then this policy will not cover its expense. 
  1. Initial waiting period: – This policy will not cover the treatment cost in the initial waiting period i.e. till 30 days from the day of issue of your policy. It will cover only the injuries due to accidents during this period.
  1. Pre-existing diseases: – It will not cover the expense of pre-existing diseases till the end of its waiting period of 4 years.
  1. Specific disease: – Waiting period for some specific diseases is different and it varies form 2 years to 4 years. Till the end of the specific waiting period for a specific disease, you can not claim your insurance for that specific disease. 
  1. Costs during bed rest or rehabilitation: – When you are on bed rest for some days, the expenses will not be covered by this policy. Again, if you are in a rehabilitation program, then also its expense will not be covered by the policy. 

A rehabilitation program is a process of curing a patient from any kind of addiction.

Who should buy Arogya Sanjeevani policy?

  1. First-time health insurance buyer: – Health insurance has many terms and conditions. Also, the benefits and coverage of different health policies of different companies differ from one another. Hence, when you buy health insurance for the first time, it may become very confusing. So, it is better for you to take arogya sanjeevani policy. 

Because it is a standard policy. So, its benefits, terms, and conditions are the same in all the             companies in India. Also, it provides a wide range of coverage at a low premium amount.

The only factor that differs among arogya sanjeevani plans of different companies is the ensured amount. So, it will be easy for you to understand health policy initially by buying this policy.

  1. People who want covid-19 inclusion: – If you want to include covid-19 in your policy as it is still a major threat to all, then you should definitely buy this policy. Because its premium is the same as that of other covid-19 health insurance policies. But, it provides other benefits also. So, taking this policy will be beneficial for you to buy a single arogya sanjeevani policy instead of buying 2 separate policies;-an individual policy and a covid-19 policy. 
  1. People who are looking for a basic affordable policy: – If you want to ensure yourself and your family members’ health without paying much, then this is the right policy for you.

Premium calculator for Arogya Sanjeevani policy

Its premium calculator is also not different from other premium calculators. Here also you have to fill some of your details, like which plan you want to take- individual or family floater plan, age of your family members, in case of buying family floater plan, your mail ID, phone number, what amount of coverage you want the company to ensure, etc. and the calculator will calculate the premium amount and show you the result in seconds. 

Benefits of using a premium calculator: – 

  1. Makes complex tasks easy: –When you use a premium calculator, it will do the complex calculation process very easy. Because the calculator is made with a pre-defined algorithm, where rates for every requirement are provided to the calculator from the beginning. When you enter all your requirements, it will combine those requirements and according to the total coverage of the policy, it will calculate the required premium amount.
  1. Less time taking: –As the machine is doing the calculation, it gives the result very fast. Hence, you can calculate the premium amount in a fraction of a second.  
  1. Accurate result: – Again, as a machine does the calculation, no human is involved in the process; there is no chance of any error. So, you will get the exact result and you will not have to pay any extra money to the company.
  1. Good future expense planning: – As you will know the premium amount in advance, you can plan your future expenses accordingly.

Tax benefits of Arogya Sanjeevani policy

According to Income Tax Act 1961 section 80D, you will get a discount on your income tax. look at the table below to know the details about the tax benefits.

Persons coveredDeduction on income taxTotal deduction amount(In Rs.)
For Self, Spouse and dependent children (in Rs.)For Parents(In Rs.)
Individual, parents and all other family members are below 60 years of age25,00025,00050,000
If Individual and family members under 60 years, either or both parents above 60 years age25,500050,00075,000
Either or both parents are older than 60 years, Eldest of other family members also older than 60 years 50,00050,0001,00,000
HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), when Karta is below 60 years of age25,00025,00025,000
HUF family, when Karta is above 60 years of age25,00050,00050,000
NRI (Non-resident Indian) Family25,00025,00025,000

What documents will you need while claiming an income tax deduction?

While claiming an income tax deduction, you will need – a premium payment receipt, and a copy of your insurance policy with the names of all your family members, their ages, and their connection with you. If you have bought a health policy for your parents, then you must ask the company for an 80D certificate. You have to submit the payment details to for this.

Are Tax benefits available for both Indemnity health insurance plan and Fixed benefits health insurance plan?

Before knowing it, let us know what are indemnity health insurance plans and fixed benefits health insurance plans.

Indemnity health insurance plan: – In this type of health insurance plan, all the medical expenses are repaid to the policyholder coming under insurance coverage.

Fixed benefits health insurance plan: This plan provides a fixed amount that is insured while treating a disease.

In both cases, equal tax benefits are available.

Advantages of Arogya Sanjeevani policy

  1. Simplicity: – As this policy is a standard policy, the terms and conditions for all the companies are the same. Also, the benefits provided are quite same. The only difference is in premium amount and network hospital range. so, it is very easy to understand this policy. This makes this product very easy to buy for the initial health policy buyers.
  1. Low premium: – This policy is of comparatively lower premium as compared to other health policies starting from only Rs. 164/- per month. Hence, this policy is affordable for people of any income group.
  1. Wide coverage: – With such a low premium amount, it gives a wide range of coverage like daycare expenses, room rent, ICU/ICCU rent, AYUSH treatment coverage, etc. So, it is very good for you, if you want a wide range of coverage with a reasonable premium amount.
  1. No zone price: – It does not include any zone price. So, wherever you live, the premium amount will not change. So, you can take the policy all over India at the same price. 

Zone – By taking the geographical location (Hight of the place from sea level, humidity, rainfall amount) and environmental pollution level, cities are divided into different zones. According to it, a city with a high pollution level has a higher premium amount than a low polluted city.

  1. No confusion: – Since, its benefits, terms, and conditions are same all over India, there will be no confusion about buying the policy in any company in the country.
  1. Flexibility: – This is a very flexible policy. You can add family members whenever required. Also, you can increase the coverage of your policy whenever you want. Also, here you can choose, whether to pay the total amount at once or to pay in instalments.
  1. Portability: – You can easily change the insurance provider if you are not satisfied with the service of the current company or due to other reasons.

Disadvantages of Arogya Sanjeevani policy

  1. Low insured amount: –Although the sum ensured by the policy is between Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 10 lakhs, many companies provide a coverage of 1 lakhs to 5 lakhs rupees only. With this amount, you will not be able to cover the treatment expense of many severe diseases and advanced treatment methods. So, when you need a higher amount than this for treatment, this policy will not help you much.
  1. less percentage of room rent and ICU rent: – 2%  of the sum insured up to 5,000 rupees of the room rent is provided by this policy. In the case of ICU, 5% of the sum insured up to 10,000 rupees rent will be provided by the company. In many hospitals with good facilities charge huge amounts in room rent and ICU charges. So, the amount provided by this policy may not be sufficient in many cases.
  1. No add-ons provided: – Unlike other health insurance policies, you will not get any ad-on (rider)in this policy. So, if you want to increase your benefits, you can not do that in this policy.
  1. Cost of treatment in foreign not covered: – This policy does not cover the treatment costs outside India. So, if any illness needs advanced treatment which is not available in our country, hence you have to go foreign for your further treatment, then that expense will not be covered by this policy. As you know treatment cost in foreign countries is very high. This may lead to a very bad impact on your financial condition.

Best Insurance companies for Arogya Sanjeevani policy

Look at the arogya sanjeevani policy provided by some reliable companies listed below, where you can buy arogya sanjeevani policy.

Company nameCoverage (₹)Features
National Insurance50,000 to 10 LakhsEntry Age – 18 to 65 yearsDependent children age – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5%Coverage type – Individual/Family FloaterAccumulative bonus – 5% to 50%Network HospitalsPremium – Policy period – 1 year
Aditya Birla health insurance1 Lakhs to 5 LakhsEntry age – 18 years to 65 yearsDependent children age – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5%Coverage type – both Individual and Family floaterAccumulative bonus – 5% for each claim free yearNetwork hospitals –  8700+Premium – starting from Rs. 5117/- per yearPolicy period – 1 year
Kotak General Insurance50,000 to 10 LakhsEntry age – 18 to 65 yearsDependent children age – 3 months to 25 yearsCo- payment – 5%Coverage type – Individual/Family floaterAccumulative bonus – 5% to 50%Network hospitals – 4,000+Premium – Starting from Rs. 513/- per monthPolicy period – 1 year
Oriental Insurance1 lakhs to 20 lakhsEntry age – 18 to 65 yearsDependent children age – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5% of ensured amount for each treatment or different amount for different conditions, can choose one of themCoverage type – Individual/Family FloaterAccumulative bonus – 5% to 50%Network hospitals – 2700+Premium – starting from Rs. 2,281/- per yearPolicy period – 1 year
Niva Bupa Health InsuranceEntry Age –  18 to 65 yearsDependent children age –  3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment –  5%Coverage type – Individual/Family FloaterAccumulative Bonus –  5% to 50%Network hospitals – 8600+Premium – starts from 262 rupees per monthPolicy period – 1 year
Digit50,000 to 3 CroreEntry age –  18 to 65 yearsDependent children age – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5%Coverage type – Individual/Family FloaterAccumulative Bonus – 5%Network Hospitals – 10,000+Premium – Starts from Rs. 218/- per monthPolicy period – 1 year
Bharti AXA general Insurance1 Lakhs to 5 LakhsEntry age – 18 to 65 yearsDependent children – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5%Coverage type – Individual/Family floaterAccumulative bonus – 5% to 50%Network Hospitals – 4,500+Premium – Starting form Rs. 164/- per monthPolicy period – 1 year
ACKO General Insurance Ltd50,000 to 10 LakhsEntry age – 18 to 65 yearsDependent children – 3 months to 25 yearsCo-payment – 5%Coverage type – Individual/Family floaterAccumulative bonus –5% to 50%Network hospitals – 6,500+Premium – Starting from Rs. 258/- per monthPolicy period – 1 Year

Eligibility criteria for buying Arogya Sanjeevani policy

To buy an arogya sanjeevani policy, you have to satisfy the following criteria.

  1. Entry age: – You should be between the ages of 18 and 65 years to buy an arogya sanjeevani policy. You can add your children from age 91 days to 25 years as your dependents in the family floater plan. But, if your child is more than 18 years of age and he/she is financially independent, then he/she can not be included in your family floater plan.
  1. Family members: – The members of your family, who can be included in your family floater plan are – Your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, own children/legally adopted children between the age group of 3 months to 25 years till they are dependent on you.
  1. People above 65 years of age: – If you are above 65 years of age, you can not buy a new arogya sanjeevani policy. But you can renew it above this age if you already have a policy. Again, above 65 years, you can buy a family floater plan for your family excluding you.
  2. Inclusion of members in the middle: – You can add new family members to your family floater plan if he/she satisfies these conditions. 
  • If a new baby burns in your family after buying the policy and it reaches the age of 3 months. 
  • If you got married, then you can add your spouse to the plan within 60 days of your marriage.

Documents required to buy an arogya sanjeevani policy

Here is the list of documents that you need while purchasing an arogya sanjeevani policy. Ensure you have all these documents when buying an arogya sanjeevani policy.

Age proof: – 

Submit any one among these documents as your age proof.

  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • 10th certificate
  • Voter ID
  • PAN card

Identity proof: –

For identity proof, submit one of these documents.

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Address proof: – 

As address proof, you have to submit your permanent address. You can use any of these documents for this purpose.

  • Aadhar card
  • Telephone bill
  • Passport
  • Rasan card
  • driving license
  • Electricity bill
  • Voter ID

Other documents required while buying health insurance are: –

  • Passport size photograph
  • Medical test report if needed
  • Proposal form after filling it properly

Apart from all these, the insurer may ask for some other documents according to their requirements.

Procedure of claiming arogya sanjeevani policy

When you go to the hospital for treatment of a disease, and it comes under the coverage of your policy, then you have to request the insurer to provide the insured amount or to get cashless treatment in the network hospital. This process of requesting settlement is called a health insurance claim. 

You can claim your health insurance in two ways.

a) Through Third Party Administrator (TPA)

b) Through In House Claim Department

Third Party Administrator: – A TPA may be a person or an organization authorized by IRDAI to process claims. He/she does not belong to the insurance company. He will help you in the entire claim settlement. You do not have to worry once you are allotted a TPA. 

A TPA is provided to help you only in the case of health insurance. In all other insurances, TPA is not provided to claim the policy.

In House Claim Department: – Here no middle man is needed for the settlement. Because the insurer has a special claim department. So, the claim process here will be faster than in the case of the involvement of a TPA. Here you just have to inform the company in time. Complete all the steps they say. Then your claim will be settled by the company.

Claim settlement is again of 2 types.

1) Cashless claim

You do not have to pay hospital expenses while getting treatment in any network hospital. Here the claim is called a cashless claim. In this case, all the expenses will be paid by the insurer directly to the hospital.

       In this case, hospitalization is of two types.

a. Planned hospitalization

b. Emergency hospitalization

       Both these hospitalizations have different claim processes

 Process of cashless claim

 To claim cashless hospitalization, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First, choose one hospital from the list of your insurer’s network hospitals. 
  • In case of planned hospitalization, intimate your insurer or TPA at least 72 hours before hospitalization with details of the network hospital (details like its name and address) in which you want to be treated.
  • In case of emergency hospitalization, you have to inform your insurer or TPA within 24 hours after admission.
  • After admission, the hospital will send a pre-authorization form to your insurer or TPA with all required details (details of the disease, prescribed procedure of treatment, and approximate cost of treatment).
  • You can claim the pre and post-hospitalization expenses separately after treatment.
  • You have to submit all the original documents to your insurer or TPA within 15 days after post-hospitalization treatment.

Documents required for cashless claim

The list of documents you will need to avail of cashless treatment is given below.

  • Policy copy
  • Insurance card
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof (Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID) which has a photo in it
  • Duly filled CKYC form, if claim amount exceeds 1Lakh rupees

2) Reimbursement claim

This is applicable when you go to a hospital other than a network hospital. Here you have to pay your bills first. Then after treatment, the insurer will repay the expenses according to its terms and conditions.

Claim process for reimbursement claim: –

Here you have to follow the following steps.

  • Notify your insurer or TPA within 72 hours of your admission in case of emergency hospitalization and at least 72 hours before admission in case of planned hospitalization.
  • Collect your discharge details, investigation reports, and other required documents from the hospital before leaving.
  • Submit those documents in original form to your insurer or TPA within 15 days of your discharge from the hospital.
  • Here also you can claim pre and post-hospitalization expenses separately after treatment.
  • For your claim, you have to send all the original documents within 15 days after post-hospitalization treatment.

Documents for reimbursement health insurance claim

Here is the list of documents you will require while filling out a reimbursement health insurance form.

  • Duly filled claim form with your signature
  • Doctor’s prescription for all the tests to be done by you
  • Doctors’ prescription for treatment
  • ID card provided by your insured
  • Identity proof
  • Ambulance receipt
  • Pharmacy bills
  • A copy of FIR (First Information Report) in case of an accident
  • Indore case papers
  • Policy details which include the name of the beneficiary, policy name, address, and name of the disease you are getting treatment for.

Some other documents may also be needed as per requirement.

Cancelation and refund policy for arogya sanjeevani plan

If you have bought an arogya sanjeevani policy and now you want to cancel your policy, then you can cancel it according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Every company has a free-look period of 15 days. In this first 15 days of purchasing the policy, you can cancel your policy without giving any cancellation fees. Then, after this cancellation, the amount paid by you be refunded after deducting the amount spent by your insurer. 

After this free period also, you can cancel your policy. In this case, the amount that you will get will be according to the chart given below.

Time of cancellationAmount to be refunded out of total paid amount
Up-to 30 days75%
Between 31 and 90 days50%
Between 3 and 6 months25%
Between 6 to 12 months0%

Note that in all the above cases including the first free look period, no amount will be refunded, if you have made any claim or have used any benefit within that time period.


Is Covid-19 covered under Arogya Saneevani Policy?

Yes, Arogya Sanjeevani Policy covers Covid-19.

What advanced procedures are covered under this policy?

Below 12 advanced treatment procedures are covered under this policy.
Uterine Artery Embolization and HIUF (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
Balloon Sinuplasty
Deep Brain Stimulation
Oral Chemotherapy
Immunotherapy (Monoclonal Antibody to be given as an injection)
Intra Vitreal Injections
Robotic Surgeries
Stereotactic Radio Surgeries
Bronchial Thermoplasty
Vaporization of the Prostrate (Green Laser Treatment or holmium Laser Treatment)
IONM (Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring)
Stem Cell Therapy -Hematopoietic Stem Cells for bone marrow transplant for hematological condition

Can I port my Health Insurance Plan to Arogya Sanjeevani policy?

Yes, you can port your health insurance to Arogya Sanjeevani policy.

Can NRI buy  Arogya Sanjeevani policy?

Yes, NRIs can buy Arogya Sanjeevani Policy. But he/she has to pay the premium in Indian currency through an Indian bank and at the time of purchasing the policy, he/she must be staying in India.

Is a pre-medical test required before buying Arogya Sanjeevani Policy?

You do not have to undergo any pre-policy medical check-ups till 45 years of age if you do not have any existing health issues and you live a standard healthy life. After that, you may need to undergo a test.

Can I take benefits of the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Outside India?

No, treatment outside India is not covered under this policy.

What is the minimum and maximum sum insured option given under Arogya Sanjeevani Policy?

Minimum sum Insured – Rs.50,000 
Maximum Sum Insure: – Rs. 10,00,000

How many maximum family members can be covered under an Arogya Sanjeevani Policy?

Maximum 9 members can be covered under it i.e self, spouse, 2 parents, 2 parents-in-law, and up to 3 dependent children.

What are the eligibility criteria for buying the Arogya Sanjeevni policy?

Any Indian citizen/NRI between the age group 18 years and 65 years can buy this policy. Dependent children can be covered from 3 months to 25 years.
Note: NRIs must make the payment in Indian rupees through an Indian bank, and he/she should be residing in India while purchasing the policy.

Why should I take Arogy Sanjeevani Policy?

This is a standard policy. So, the terms and conditions are the same all over India and also very easy to understand. Again, the premium of this policy is very low. There is now a risk-wise zone division. So, premiums will be the same all over India irrespective of your location (Polluted cities like Delhi and Mumbai or clean cities like Nainital).

When should I buy this policy?

You should buy this policy as your first policy. This will help you to understand health insurance better.

Which Company provides the best Arogya Sanjeevani Policy?

There is no single company providing the best Arogya Sanjeevani policy. List companies providing the best Arogya Sanjeevani policy are:
HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Limited
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd
National Insurance Co. Ltd.
Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd.
Go Digit General Insurance Ltd.
United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Acko General Insurance Ltd.
IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Niva Bupa Health Insurance Co. Ltd
New India Assurance Co. Ltd
Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd.
SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd.
Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd
Kotak General Insurance Co. Ltd
Manipal Signa Health Insurance Co. Ltd
You can choose any of these according to your requirement and affordability.

What is its policy duration?

Its policy duration is 1 year.

Will I get a cashless claim facility in this policy?

Yes, you can get a cashless claim facility in this policy as this policy has a large range of network hospitals.

Can I port my Health Insurance to Arogya Sanjeevni policy?

Yes, you can port your health insurance to Arogya Sanjeevani Policy.

Are maternity expenses covered under this policy?

No, Maternity expenses are not covered under this policy.

Is cataract covered under this policy?

Yes, Arogya Sanjeevni Policy covers cataract treatment up to 25% of sum insured or Rs.40,000 whichever is less for each eye.

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