Amazing tips to drink your way to detox.

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The word detox usually conjures up frightening images of disgusting concoctions and exhausting, bland diet food supplemented with grueling hours of exercise. But what if, we told you it is possible to achieve the same results just by drinking water?

That’s right. Detox water is the latest fad in the fitness world, and by the looks of it, it is definitely here to stay.

Here’s a quick look over this super-simple hack that is taking the health industry by storm.

Detox water is nothing but a mixture of different fruits or vegetables or herbs infused in water for a couple of hours or more, which helps release their flavour and nutrients into the water. It adds a burst of flavour to plain, old water all the while helping flush out toxins faster.

Not sure what it really does? Well, you’re about to find out.

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Science says:

  • Detox water, aside from providing hydration, is almost always primarily used for weight loss. Since it is prepared by infusing the ingredients in water instead of the usual processing or blending, they have a lesser number of calories but an equally great taste, helping you curb those unnecessary sugar cravings to a great extent. Including high-fiber fruits into your detox water also helps you feel full for longer periods of time, ensuring rapid weight loss.
  • For those suffering from constipation and constant indigestion, detox water can be a boon. It also helps in relieving bloating and sluggishness.
  • It is a known fact that dehydration has the ability to affect not just your physical health, but your mental well-being too. Shortened concentration span, reduced energy levels, irritability and mood swings all are the result of improper hydration, which can be effectively managed with adequate intake of water, which can be infused with energizing herbs such as mint, basil, etc.
  • Infusing water with citrus fruits such as lime, lemons and oranges gives you an added Vitamin C boost which in turn, builds immunity and resistance against a variety of infections.
  • Detoxing, essentially means getting rid of harmful waste and toxins from the body, which ultimately enhances your complexion giving way to clearer, glowing skin.

Now that you’re aware of the why’s and how’s behind the working of this latest dietary trend, we’d suggest you, too, hop onto the bandwagon and try it out for yourself!

Being one of the most versatile drinks, you hardly have to follow a custom recipe to get it right. Just rummage through your refrigerator and put together a few things into a pitcher full of cold water. It’s as simple as that! Some of the best ingredients to make it would be: cucumber, ginger, mint, lemon, berries, cinnamon, watermelon, cayenne pepper, the list is never ending!

So what are you waiting for? Get customizing and blaze your own trail to good health!

Disclaimer: This is for information only and not a medical advice, please consult a professional doctor before experimenting any information from the website. Read the complete terms and conditions of the website here.

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