Abhishek Kumar as he describes got his branded degrees at a young age, obviously with hard work. When the working career introduced Abhishek to the reality of the world. He had to work his way out and create financial freedom between all the chaos. His will to create value not only for self but also for people from a non-finance background made him write books which explain basic finance with simplicity. 

Abhishek had completed his graduation for IIT (BHU), Varanasi and then moved to IIM Khozikode for his MBA. He, later on, went to do his Masters of Financial Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has also served as a corporate banker for leading private sector banks. His strong connect with finance and wealth has helped him author multiple books related to wealth. 

The new book “Master your money, Master your life” is another gem of a book to create and manage wealth. This book comes from his personal experiences, the exposure that he got in the corporate sector. The book is warm, pleasant and brings in complete clarity. 

About Master Your Money, Master Your Life

This book talks about the five funds that will help you achieve Financial Freedom. It is written keeping out jargons and creates a clear view of money and wealth. The Myth busters set the tempo for the book. There is absolutely no beating around the bush. Crisp and precise. 


The book talks a very low risk approach, which is pretty much actionable and achievable. 

Master Your Money, Master Your Life
Master Your Money, Master Your Life

Book Type: Non-Fiction
Category: Self-Help, Wealth Creation
Readability: Easy to Read
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Wisdom Tree (25 March 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8183285309
ISBN-13: 978-8183285308

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A Holistic Approach

The book starts with the importance of goals, and the author Abhishek Kumar pitches the importance of being goal oriented. Further, in the chapters, Abhishek Kumar has described being strong emotionally, psychologically and soulful is the base of being wealthy. 

The book addresses the financial problems mathematically. But the beauty is if you don’t like Maths, still there is plenty of simple explanation of topics and how choices make the whole difference in creating wealth. 

The author also understands the pulse of a middle-class individual, the hard working class, who struggles to create good wealth. 

Five Funds to Rescue Stablize & Freedom

The author Abhishek Kumar has explicitly mentioned the challenges that people face while creating wealth. The challenges to follow a routine or a plan. Post that he has explained about the five funds that will make creating wealth easy. 

The Five funds will help you achieve financial freedom, help you take care of the self & family in terms of emergency. Not only that the funds will also help you make sure you enjoy your life. Most importantly, enjoying responsibly. 

Keep it simple!

The message that is broadcasted by the Abhishek Kumar all over the book, is to keep it simple. The idea that wealth can be generated with simple practices, is kind of unacceptable with all the information that’s already shared on the internet. 

The book is common sense, but getting it right with consistency can be a real challenge. 

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Why I personally liked the book:

Initially, it might seem like a common book with information that is available around the internet and if you read 15-20 books from the world of finance. But, the point is that the majority of the non-finance individuals like me, don’t have access or priority to read them. Committing mistakes due to a lack of awareness is common. This is where the book comes to help.

There are many times when you want your family, spouse, kids, friends or people around you be sound with finance. It is very difficult to explain a lot of things in a short period of time. This is where this book plays a major role. 

The way I could relate with the book:

Quick Flashback (Year 2011):

I started my business with 5000 INR when I had done with my exams in second-year engineering. I had absolutely no business background and had no idea how to manage money. 

Fast Forward 2 years (Year 2013):

I had already failed a couple of times but still wanted to continue. I don’t take the placement offer and continue to wander around with the service and product.

Some of the key highlights of that phase: Paid Salaries to employees via credit card
Had withdrawn cash via credit card

Fast Forward another 2 Years (Year 2015-16):

Took Personal Loans to run business.
Invested all I earned into business again, wanting it to grow.
Over-optimistic approach
Lack of awareness and knowledge leading to errors

(Now I am not saying making mistakes is bad, it helped me grow. But, it is smarter to learn from others mistake)

Then one fine day, I met a school friend when we had come down to meet our another friend’s dad at the hospital. We were meeting after 10 years. He had a background in a family business. He was also aware of my struggle with business. That night he suggested a couple of things. I was open to his suggestions. Started implementing it. 

Fast Forward 2 Years (2018):

Discipline is tough to maintain. Listening to my friend, who was himself managing a business and doing good with personal finance I had evolved. I had started cleaning the pain points that I had created by myself. 

It took 2 years for me to stabilize the errors that I had created. It was very important that I had to correct them very quickly. 

Why I could related?

The book talks about a lot of things, that my friend had suggested to me. To learn all those things, it took me two years. Slowly and gradually course correcting the mistakes that were committed. 

This book covers most of those ideas, that I had switched too. Not only that it has some amazing myth breakers, that I had kindled them for so long. There were suggestions from my friend, but it is always difficult to go all in at one time. The book confirms the thoughts expressed and the way I could heal my financial health. 

Lifestyle & Approach

Lifestyle is one of the major problems to build a good financial status. This book has its point of view on it. Everybody has the right to think their way, but some basic discipline can help improve and create wealth

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Master Your Money, Master Your Life
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Overall, I have already shared the book with my wife, and have asked her to read it. This will re-confirm the basics of finances. Don’t expect any tips and tricks to crack a return of 50% on the invested money or how to take leverage. This book talks about patience, discipline, and consistency. After all, wealth is there to create. 

Have a happy reading!
If you have any queries & feedback do comment.

Link to the book: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/8183285309/

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