WordPress Child Theme – Tutorial from cPanel

WordPress Child Theme Tutorial

Adding a wordpress child theme
1. Login in to your cPanel or hosting services.
2. Get to the root folder of the site, where the wordpress installation exists. Either in the root or in the folder you have installed the wordpress.

wordpress child theme tutorial

WordPress Installed Folder

3. Head to wp-content and find themes folder.

add wordpress child theme

enter in the themes folder

4. You will have to create the child theme inside the themes folder, where all the existing wordpress themes are present.

5. Create a new folder for child theme.
add folder to create wordpress child theme

6. Now you need to add the style.css file in here, with the code mentioned

creating wordpress child theme

Create a new style sheet


style.css for wordpress child theme

Style Sheet code for wordpress child theme


Theme Name: Write the name of your theme here
Theme URI: Provide any theme URL here
Description: Description about your child theme here - For. e.g. This is a child theme
Author: You can write your name here
Author URI: Your Website or Social Page URL
Template: Provide the name of the parent theme folder, see the image above in that case "sparkling" theme was used
Version: 1.0.0

@import url(“../sparkling/style.css”); //See the name of the parent theme folder to be mentioned correctly.

/* =Theme customization starts here
——————————————————- */

This will help you to create child theme, now go to wordpress login panel, go to appearance>>themes>> and select your child theme.


Why to use wordpress child theme?

WordPress themes usually have updates coming in. Some of the themes have very frequent updates. When ever you are updating a parent theme, the customization done on the theme are lost. This happens because during the process of updating the theme, It over writes the current theme files.
By Adding WordPress child theme, the customized files are present in the child theme, thus on upgrade, these files are not affected.