Wintery Efforts

Hi guys… I sometimes wonder what it must be like to reside in an area which chills all through for 365 days?! Would it be exciting? Or will that temperature kill me to death??  Or maybe I would have my loved one there and I would settle in those cozy arms with a hot cocoa mug??

So many possibilities run through our minds when both the questions as well as the answer are easy and lying in front of our eyes… we are armed with amazing brains which can resolve any kind of mystery in maybe seconds, but this so called brilliant brain wanders off to all the places- except where it really should travel to… like in my case, it wanders all the time into nail art, for I have a book in hand and a new manicure design in brain… or maybe like now, I have totally wandered off from the topic I started with! Brilliant…!

Back to what I was supposed to say, I love colds and so I tried to recreate something extremely peculiar (and also possible only in) winter-cast regions… the Legendary Snow Man!! I was pretty pumped about creating that little one (it seems little on nail :P)

To see my version of a Snow Man and my Winter collection of this season – Click Here