This lockdown, I thought of trying something different with my binge-watching list. I usually do watch a lot of series on the internet. But, at times the mind wants more. My go to app is ZEE5 and it has always been that way when I have to watch new content. They have a great library of regional content as well. This is when I thought why I don’t experiment with the regional content this time around.

I have a couple of friends who are Tamil I’m familiar with the language, but to be true I don’t understand it. Yet, I asked my wife to be a sport to watch a series with me on ZEE5 that was in Tamil. But we wanted to make sure we pick up a show which is interesting and has a strong narrative. We both love drama, thrill and plots that keep you at the edge of the seat. If not that then at least curious.

We researched about a couple of shows before zeroing down on Uyire – Ties that bind on ZEE5. We liked the plot. It is about a retired army officer, Raghavan. He is having a happy life with his family. His wife and three daughters are part of the plot. The situation takes a 360 degree once some secrets are revealed about the family.

These dark secrets challenge the bonding of the family. This makes the centre of the plot where it talks about the bonds in a family. It makes for a gripping plot, and you just can’t stop watching. It displays family values and much more.

Uyire is a Tamil Original. It stars Arvind Naidu, Puravalan, Guna and Indra. All the characters have done an amazing job. It looks natural and the tonality of the show is conducted in an apt manner.

The show is directed by Abbas Kakkar and Kumaran Sundaram. The show has more than 50 episodes. But it doesn’t look tiring to watch. It is well paced. Most importantly it is engaging. It helps you get involved with the plot.

The question that keeps lingering throughout the show is about the ability of the family to prove their metal in the testing times. I must say that the show is well written and executed. If you are non-native watcher, you have access to the subtitles. Also, I believe it is not tough to grasp what is happening with subtitles.

The acting is class, you easily get what the characters want to say. Their emotions and the setup add value to the narrative. I also liked the casting. It is well thought and allows each character to have its own space.

Overall, Uyire is enthralling and a nice show to watch. You can watch it for free on ZEE5. It will definitely make this lockdown interesting or at least help you stay back home.

Stay Safe and Enjoy Binge Watching.  

Also, do comment what you think about this family drama. I enjoyed it and I believe you will like it too.

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