Have you taken attention away from blogs? Do you know they can still improve your sales and visitors?

The world of social media and search engine has changed degrees in the last decade. The major updates we have seen is in the way the contact format has upgraded over the years. Obviously, the audacity to build high-quality content format was inspired by the positive growth in the technology and cheaper data access. 

All in all the content is consumed at a much much higher rate than before. Due to challenges of ever growing content creators, the challenge to identify the best, the search engines have evolved gigantically. Search Engines have evolved and so have their algorithms. The better they get, the clearer the message is. Create for the user. 


Create content for the user. 

Rest the search engines will take care. 

Obviously, can’t take over the technicality of the website. But, the biggest driving factor is precise and detailed content.

Blogs vs Infographics vs Videos 

Videos are on the rise, and so are the viewers! Agreed. But, blogs aggressively drive organic users on the website. Period. 

Infographics do provide a detailed overview of the subject. The detailed explanation needs written content. It needs to be addressed in an appropriate way to bring in clarity to the subject. Well videos and infographics, both can be embedded to the blogs. 

Blogs not only attract the crowd from search engines. The blogs that are updated daily, have more consistent traffic. There are many people who read more than 5 blogs a day. The data suggest that companies with more than 51 blogs on the website have experienced an increase in monthly leads.

Why Blogs?

Blogs are still the most consumed content format which helps in taking a decision to purchase a product/service from the website. This is one of the reasons to start with. 

Internal Links

Websites that blog do have more internal links than the website that doesn’t. Internal links are an important factor for search engines. Not, only it helps identify the relevancy of the content but also leads to giving an idea of the depth of the content the website has. 

Keynote: Make sure your blog at least has one internal link. The placement of the link without saying should be meaningful and lead to interaction. 

Indexed Pages

The websites that blog, have more pages indexed than the websites that don’t. On average the number of webpages indexed is 4 times more than the sites with no blogs. More the number of indexed pages, more likely it will be present on the search. More likely it will draw an audience on search. 

This also helps you present on the internet, with multiple phrases, keywords that relate to your business/organization. 

Brand Attachment

Research says, that 70% of consumers learn about the company from the blog rather than ads. It also suggests that consumers feel positive about a company after reading their blogs. Probably, it brings a sense of appreciation for the subject matter expertise the brand holds. Blogs, also give a good chance to create content with interactive statements, this does result in overall connect with the consumer. 

Why more than 1500-2000 words?

Social Media Attention

Data suggests if the blog has more than 1500 words it is more likely to be shared on Twitter and Facebook. 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes.

Source: 9 Shocking facts about blogging – Robpowellbizblog.com

User Time Spend on the Website 

Detailed content asks for more attention. 

If the blogs are over 1500 words or 2000 words, they relate to visitors who are very serious about the topic. They want to learn, know or are likely subjected to buying the service. This overall attention builds up the time spent on the website. The time spent on the website by a user also determines the relevancy of the content and the relevancy of the website. 

Space for Building Internal Links

Well! I’m not saying you can’t add internal links in a shorter blog, but a long detailed blog exposes a lot more information. It gives an opportunity to express other interlinked services and products. 

It gives an opportunity to lead the user into an experience that states the subject matter expertise of the blogger and organization. 

Search Engine Friendly

Precise and decent content is liked by search engines. A longer detailed blog also allows bots to index the content appropriately. It gives an opportunity to index the keywords, synonyms of the focus phrase and long tail keywords on the given subject. 

Though you should not focus on creating for search engine, it won’t be bad to not treat the content appropriately post writing it for the user. The content should be enriched for SEO standard. 

It stays on the internet

What you write today, will be visible after years on the website. It is a one-time effort to write a detailed post. The visitors to the website will be served and influenced to take a better decision over the years. 

It also adds to the authenticity of the website. Also, if you have made any assumptions in your industry, and if they come out to be true you are owning a huge credit and respect. 

Ideal time to post a blog

It is observed that most of the blog readers prefer to read blogs in the morning. Roughly around 65% of the people prefer reading blogs in the morning. Ideally, when people are commuting to work, they spend time reading blogs. The stats also suggest that 10 am is the best time when people prefer reading blogs. 

It is also observed that the activity is higher on Mondays and Thursdays on the blogs. A friendly reminder about a new blog update on Monday and Thursday morning is a good way to attract more visitors. 


People like being notified about the new blog via a newsletter/email. Make sure you have maintained a list of visitors who wants to be notified. Most of the blogs also have their visitors coming from the newsletters that they send. 

Some Interesting Facts about Blogs:

240 Million Blogs

329 Million People View Blogs

25 Billion Pages viewed every month

5,00,000 New Post Every Day

4,00,000 Comments Every Day

Facts About Bloggers:

17% Bloggers Sustain their lifestyle or support their family by blogging.

Businesses that blogs tend to have 5 times more traffic than the blogs that don’t.

More than 66% of bloggers haven’t updated their site in a year.

Creatives Help:

94% more views on the blogs that have images.

21-50 Blogs on a website increase the traffic by 30%


Anchor: Blogs are strong anchors to pull traffic from search results. Not only that they are good to build a base for the consumers to know the organization but they can be a catalyst for product sales. Stats do say that blogs have help trigger more than 60% sales for brands across industries. 

Search Engines appreciate your blogs because people who read them appreciate it. 

The blogs should be detailed, crisp and create valuable information. Writing long detailed Blogs is Must

Additional Things to Take care of:

Quality of Content:

Never write only to create the maximum number of words in a blog. The blog should have a proper grammatical check and should have an apt flow. We don’t want blogs which are blabbering or just repeating the same sentence again and again for attention. Eventually, such practices will drop the users on the website. 

Don’t write controversial stuff:

A very important rule, don’t bluff and don’t write controversial content. It might backfire and eventually lead to losses. Not only that it might drop self-confidence to create worthwhile again.

Write with purpose:

Let each blog be meaningful. You would be only able to write detailed content, once you are 100% sure about the purpose of the blog. To whom it is addressed, what information you are sharing, and what is the outcome you are accepting. 

Take help of mind maps and create keyword clouds to express your ideas effectively. 

Be consistent:

One big detailed blog is not going to win the world. Well in the world of probabilities it might, but in a practical world, you will need to be consistent. You need to keep on adding detailed blogs time after time. 

Hack to Remember:

If you are not promoting your blog on social media, the effort won’t be worthwhile. You will have to invest in getting users/visitors to your website. Make sure you are investing if you want to make money from your blog. 

The main reason to run ads is that the content or your website will not be visible to people who are of utmost importance. The organic reach is lower these days due to the ratio of content consumers to content creators. To find your space on the feeds of users, you will have to invest skilfully in ads. 

If you have any queries/feedback, do comment or write an email. It would be a pleasure answering to you and learn from your experiences. 

*Also, all the people who are wondering if this blog meets 1500 words, well this does. 

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