If you are a newbie into the world of entrepreneurship or the one who aspires to be an entrepreneur, a single skill of speed reading can give you a great advantage over others. Comprehending faster is an advantage as well, these skills need to be worked out to gather information faster. 

Many of the people who pursue management courses are trained to read faster and comprehend faster over the years. They are trained to not only think business but also to develop skills that do assist day-to-day business. 

With ever growing startups in India and across the globe, not everyone wants to choose their path of being an entrepreneur by pursuing an MBA. But, it is quite essential to hone our skills. Entrepreneurs are asked daily to work on habits, attitude, and approach for building a successful career.

Speed reading is an equally important skill to work on, it is the basic method of how the information will be accessed and processed. 

What is speed reading?

It is the process where you read rapidly by assimilating many phrases or sentences at once. The idea is to read faster or to skip a couple of redundant words, but make overall comprehension by understanding the overall idea of the article. 

What is average words read by a Speed Reader?

On average, speed readers read about 400-700 words per minute with an average comprehension of 60-80%. There is a classification of speed readers who skim the content at 1000-2000 words per minute. In this case, it is observed that the comprehension of the content is reduced to 50% in most of the cases. 

Averagely, a reader reads 200 words per minute (wpm) with an average understanding of 60-70%. 

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What is skimming?

Skimming is a process where you look at the content or text to get an idea of what it means. It is a quick look to get an overall idea of the chapter/text. A difference that it has with scanning is that in the process of scanning a particular keyword or a line is searched. 

The art of skimming can be helpful to gather idea of the content in a very quick time.

Comprehending Faster with speed reading

The ability to read depends on factor like the vocabulary, the subject matter, distractions the reader has, concentration, structure of the text and much more. The ability to comprehend a given text can directly affect the reading speed and vice versa. 

But, it is also said that when people continuously trained to read faster they become better at comprehending. The ability to structure, process and store the data in the brain becomes seamless. If trained properly, reading speed and comprehension can be improved. 

Learning Speed

Ability to comprehend will directly influence the learning speed. Learning speed is also influenced by the difficulty of the subject matter, vocabulary, structure of the content and external things (Disturbances).

Average Learning speed is around 100 wpm for readers, but this can be improved if the reader has a previous introduction to the subject, or has read the content earlier. 

The speed to learn can be increased with the ability to read faster, and by training, self to comprehend it effectively. 

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Needs of an Entrepreneur

There is a huge flow of information in each sector. Most of the businesses are influenced by cross-sector changes. It is best to have information on the changing times. Considering besides updates, an entrepreneur has to always keep learning. 

Professionals also believe that reading continuously helps entrepreneur stay up to date and learn new skills. 

Entrepreneurs can save on making mistakes by learning from the experts who have already faced similar problems. These data is easily available via books, videos, audio files, and other formats. Reading could be the quickest way to capture precise data. 

In most of the subject, it is still difficult to create content in the form of videos and audio files. Also, even though we can speed up the content on audio files, the grasping and concise content can be captured quickly are reading. 

Speed Reading helps to have a quick access to more information everyday

How does speed reading helps?

As we said, that reading is one of the best ways to capture more data. Apart from that, there are already so many books and content that is generated in the form of text. 

If an individual can put their good reading and grasping skills it will help them to capture more data. Making them aware and wise. 

Challenges of reading fast?

At first, reading fast is difficult. Most of them face a challenge to understand what they are reading. They might also have little to no recollection of the data that they have read. 

Distraction and concentration are also one of the major reasons for reading faster. Whereas, the subject matter can lead to lower reading speed because the human brain takes time to adjust to the new topic and might enter the curiosity mode. 

Ability to think and analytical behavior might also lead to slow reading speed. Vocabulary can also influence the speed of reading. But, luckily all these problems are solvable. 

There are many apps and websites in the market which can help you to read faster. You can search for them on google.

Overall Effects

It does not only helps to grasp more data per minute, but also helps you make decisions faster. It helps you learn quickly, the purposeful training to read faster also trains the brain to manage more data per minute. The overall result is that the person is able to do much more in a given period of time. 

You can read books faster, understand them better. 

More importantly if you are managing a lot more things, reading helps you to resolve problems faster. 

Time is very crucial, an entrepreneur would always like to have more time and speed reading is a boon to have. 

Do let us know

What do you think about speed reading, have you ever tried to read faster? How were the results? What are your queries? Do comment us. We would be more than happy to discuss with you. 

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