When animal abuse is defended with excuses and the CEO corrects it.

Today in the evening when I saw a post from one of my friend stating about the animal abuse. I was annoyed. What was more annoying was the way it was defended. The way kicking a small puppy for protection is fine is really annoying. With this we are definitely sending a wrong message to the generation to come. Here is the piece of the reply this people had to write in support of animal abuse.


Finally a note had to be written to the head of the salon where the incident happened, all we expect is a positive reply from him… Here is the note written by my friend to him, to solve this issue gently and take care that the issue is not repeated again with any other animal.

Respected Mr. Pratik Panchal,
Please take a brief moment to read this it’ll be much appreciated. I’m a resident of Lokhandwala Kandivali East. Today while strolling down Centrium mall I stopped outside my favourite restaurant to play with a litter of puppies. 1 month to 3 months old by appearance. While playing, one of the puppies wandered a few steps away and sat outside your salon. He sat outside looking at the Lady who sits at the reception. He wagged his tail. She tried to shoo him away and then kicked him hard. A 3 month old puppy sir. I witnessed it and I got into an argument with her to which she defended her actions. The argument got over I played with my pups and I left. A few seconds back later I came by clicked a pic of her and the salon and posted about the incident on Facebook. Sir, a few moments after the post a (suspected) friend or employee made a post saying she was trying to defend herself from the ‘puppy’. I have never been to your salon. After seeing the face of animal cruelty I’d go there if I see a kinder human sitting there. This incident makes me wonder if she has children of her own. My friend who has noticed her doing the same before has commented over it. This is not the first time your staff has been rude or cruel. Those puppies live under a steel counter in a restaurant. Few days after they grow up they will be homeless. I am worried. She might hurt them. That’s why I am directly addressing this to you. I need you to look into this incident. It would be very helpful on your behalf. I’m sure a prestigious salon like MPose does not advocate animal abuse. I am hoping you will address this issue very soon and do what is needful. They are voiceless animals. Can a puppy bite your head off? You have to kick him hard? That’s a child. It would be so different if it were a human baby wouldn’t it? Please do revert back in due time. I hope there’s something or anything you can do that’ll make things better. Also the profile that’s sharing fake posts, I can name it if you wish to know. You may cross check if it’s one of your Kandivali East Lokhandwala employees. Sharing stuff like that, I can expect it from her. She probably has no regrets. Anyways, We have nothing to hide. Im looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Update – 3rd August 2014.

With around 499 shares in a day’s time, there was some or the other revert we were expecting. We were glad to see that the CEO of the firm spoke to my friend and promised actions. It is great to see the CEO coming and taking control of things.

My friend who was involved, clearly stated that in no way she had hard feelings for the Salon or other employees who are dependent on their living from the business that is generated. In fact most of the people tagged didn’t even want the employee to be fired, but be trained to be kind to animals.

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