Virtuosic 2014 – Coming Soon

Last night I saw the logo launched by Mr. Sagar Saikar on The authority at SSPM COE; It is official that Virtuosic 2014 is on its way.  Virtuosic is an annual technical cum cultural event at SSPM COE a Mumbai university college in Sindhudurgh district.

Virtuosic 2014

The Poster launched on 30th January – Virtuoisc 2014

The birth of Virtuosic – redefining brilliance took place when it was least expected. It was born out of the vision of Mr. Nitesh Rane and willpower of 4-5 students who wanted to create an event which will be recognized all over India. The philosophies of those students were mainly imaginary but concrete. Mr. Nitesh Rane appreciated the fact when no one else did. He figured out the huge potential that the event had.

After all the things thought between the four walls of hostel are meant to grow big. Yes this is how it started. Very raw and dis-ordered; all we had was an unmatched desire. What we got was a perfect architect in the form of Mr. Nitesh Rane. Who showed us the way to implement our ideas. The rest is history.

All we know from the sources that the college has started working for third edition of the Virtuosic. We all from team wish you good luck. For the members and volunteers working in this, it will be the best time of your life.

Here on we will have a column for Virtuosic 2014 where we can share all the updates and launch stories that you had never heard of. We will try to connect to the students who were the part of the inaugural edition. This will help the students from the first year at SSPM COE to understand how did Virtuosic evolved from a team of few students to the day where you will see hundreds of students revolving around the conference room.




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