Unequal Stripes

Stripes look elegant and at the same time they give you a casual aura. The best way to create stripes are by using the Nail Art Striping Tapes, but obviously not everyone has access to them. So comes in picture the use of  Scotch tapes. The only con while using Scotch tape as a replacement for Striping tapes is that one needs to meticulously cut thin strips of them to achieve uniformity. Well that’s left for another time, for now let’s see how to create a pretty Striping nail art design using the Unequal strips  of tape you might have cut earlier 😛

unequal stripes


  1. Cut strips of Scotch tape. (Unequal is fine!!)
  2.  Place them over a painted nail. Press the tape along the cuticles properly.
  3. Paint the second color.
  4. Quickly remove the tape before the second polish dries.
  5. Apply a fast drying top coat!

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