U – Turn

Lying in bed, he finally asked the question she had been dreading all evening, “So why did you divorce me? I still don’t know.”

“Then why did you let me go?”

“You were unhappy Naina. My presence was making you miserable. Nothing I did was making you feel better. And I never thought we would separate forever. I did think you would come back…”

“And if you thought I would come back, why did you get married? Why didn’t you wait?”

And the silence hung in the air before he said slowly. “Amma. She had developed first stages of diabetes. She had high blood pressure. She wanted me to marry so Divya would get married. That’s the only reason I gave in. And now… ”

What he left unsaid was now that his younger sister was getting divorced… all this seemed in vain.

A decade ago

It was a match made for all reasons and seasons. On paper that made perfect sense.  An arranged marriage of a spoilt brat Naina who met sensible IIT engineer Anirudh. They had much in common: A love for books. A desire to travel the world. Explore new perspectives. Strong mothers who had made them believe they could conquer the world. And yes, their love for music. What bound them however, was their small town upbringing – middle class values, a burning sense of ambition and a desire to make their own space under the sun.  Yet on same days, they were chalk and cheese. Like her fiery dramatic nature to his solid, steady surface. Her ability to charm everybody in a room and yet discover him holding court by the end of the evening…


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