Testing of a docx file, power point or a pdf on themustread

There is a problem with the google viewer. The files containing ‘x’ are not opening properly. for e.g. .docx is not opening correctly but .doc is opening correctly.

Convert the same to 2003 format to avoid problems.
Below we have mentioned the examples.

Plus note if you download the file from the viewer i.e. .docx or .doc it will work perfectly in both the cases.



Example of docx file:

2007 .docx

Download (DOCX, 11KB)

2003 .doc

Download (DOC, 6KB)

Example of PowerPoint:

2007 .pptx

Download (PPTX, 309KB)

2003 .ppt

Download (PPT, 24KB)


Example of PDF:

This works perfectly.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Note post only original content. The content can be downloaded. This is the preview. You will have your credits mentioned here.


Hope this article will help you to showcase your work.