Tattooed + Foiled

A few months back I had to attend a traditional function that required me to wear a red and golden dress for the night and that left me wandering with ideas for what should be done on my nails – after all I need to dress them for the occasion!

A fortnight before the function, I came across an article that reviewed the Nail Foils from BornPrettyStore. Now for all of you who are unaware of the existence of this awesome site, its an online shopping site and has nail art supplies like NO other site. Its super cheap and all the products are shipped worldwide.


So back to the nail foils… the ones I have are bought locally and the pack contains a red, blue, green and golden foil. The moment I read about them, all I wanted was my nails to be foiled. To make them feel appropriate for the function I decided to tattoo them with Mehendi!!

The Mehendi tattoo and the Foiled nails went onto bring me a few compliments!!