With that iconic tensed expression of hers we take adieu as we move to the east and west of the junction trying to stretch our eyeballs rather than giving our neck a much needed twist while we utter a few words of acknowledgment. Precisely 20 hours back I was waiting for this moment to arrive; most probably the point of tangent.

A day back as habituated I sought to sleep early; but it had been a late night. My incessant efforts to sleep in the early hours had failed again but tonight I was waiting for the night to end much prior. As for others it was suppose to be an ordinary day but for me it was turning up to be one of the most beautiful days.

Let’s make it simple! How often do you wait to meet someone you care? May be a week, month or a year? I had spent 7 in just no time. This was the second time that the person that motivates and inspires me was away for exactly the same number of years. The beauty of life indeed!

But as I said that the day was supposed to be an ordinary January day back in Mumbai turns out to be a day when Rain gods dance down early morning for surprise.

I was excited but I didn’t want to sound myself as desperate kid to meet her. You usually don’t want that to happen when you are friends for years and you fail to meet instead of staying inside a 10 km radius. Sounds crazy? It was! Cause even if we had similar interests our fate lines had things best in the interest of each other that kept us revolving everywhere without both of us intersecting each other’s path.

But today it had to and I wondered is it for real? I usually get excited with such meets may be because my astrological signs forces me to do so. But that was not the point of concern. I tried to recollect the days when I actually tried meeting, this may sound fanatical but I wished if we could meet somewhere while crossing roads or may be at the market as we shared the same market, same railway station and I don’t know what.

It was 8 years back that first time I saw her and there was certainly something that inspired me. May be it was not the beauty but something much deeper. Profound frequencies I guess. Years passed by when we had our days that went chatting out thoughts and events that occurred in our life. But now I appreciate life is beautiful and it gives best of its moments when you don’t expect them. I will definitely cherish those moments that we had together most of them that lasted few hours during the lectures while few that lasted minutes while we waited for teachers to arrive.

Hope you have best of time wherever you go and whatever you do. Don’t know after how many years and where we will meet or may be that could be our point of tangent.