Sweater-ing my Nails!

Hi 🙂 the mercury here in Mumbai is dipping day by day resulting in more people walking with their jackets and shawls and shrugs on… I like it that way though, the sunny mid day with a slight chill always around you!

As we gear up for the upcoming season- let it be winter, spring, Sumer, rains, we being adults complain… complain about the dark mornings in winter, complain of the heat and sweat in summers, complain about the water logged roads in rains, and so on… our complains never stop.

But there are these little kids having a whole different world, filled with joy and excitement- Not Complaints! They await the summers for their vacation, they await the winters to buy on new sweaters, and they await the rains to put on their newest raincoats and catchy, cartoony umbrellas!


When I was a child I must have made my parents buy for me these seasonal accessories – and one of them is this amazing sweater of mine. I really cherish those moments I had as a child.

I wish to have a series of nail art designs dedicated to Childhood!! But for now all I have is a design inspired from my age old Sweater <3