Sunayana Fozdar is an Indian Television Actress. She has featured in many popular advertisements.

Sunayana joined us on a Podcast discussing her new short film. She also mentioned about her new song that she will be launching for women working from home.

We had a great time discussing about creativity and passion. Find the full podcast below:

Find the transcript of the podcast below

Akshay: Another episode of our Podcast & today we have with us someone who has been part of Indian Television for long. Many Characters, Many shows. We have with us Sunayana Fozdar. 

Hi Sunayana! Welcome to the podcast. 

Sunayana: Hi!

Dealing with Lockdown with Short Films

Akshay: I hope you are doing well in this lockdown. How are you dealing with being at home? 

Sunayana: Surprisingly, I am having busy days. I’m busier now than I was before. 

From household chores to creating content. 

Because creating content is the only way to connect with fans. Though my old show are being aired.

I like keeping myself busy, & I also believe people who are creative find their way. 

Akshay: I can relate to hustling, so what have you been creating in this lockdown.

Sunayana: When you are an actor you are constantly in a race to keep working. You get offers and you can’t leave those. 

But, I keep thinking about what else can I do. I was always good at writing concepts and brainstorming ideas. There were many stories that I wanted to work on. This lockdown allowed me to work on a short film. 

This short film is about millennial couples. 

I want to keep films really short because I know that viewers these days do like the content to be short & good. 

I have other ideas waiting to bloom. The whole idea of being behind the camera, working on concepts, and directing are the few things that I wanted to explore. 

The current scenario is helping me do that. 

Enjoying Smaller things in Life

Akshay: Tell us more about the short film, which inspired a short film addressing the millennial couples.

Sunayana: We are in this overpowering digital phase right now. Where we are being constantly judged. For the lifestyle that we upload on social media. This ultimately results in pressure for people to cope up to a certain standard. 

I have people sharing about things when other couples are partying, or having a good time, most of them start assessing their life to others. This results in complications. 

My film talks about these situations and how people need to have a reality check. It talks about how one should find magic in small things. 

We are not married to put the burden of our happiness on someone else. We are married to be happy together. 

We have forgotten to enjoy simple things in a relationship. 

Journey Behind the Camera

Akshay: I can relate to it considering I am from the same generation. But, how are you coping with the new journey of being behind the camera? 

Sunayana: Now, I respect them (the ones who are behind the cameras) even more. It is absolutely not easy to behind the camera. I agree even acting is not easy, but now I have realized being behind the camera is equally challenging. 

I have also shot some commercials from home now, where I had to work out with the props, the art direction bit, the camera handling bit and no makeup, no hair forget even getting a spot. Those have become luxuries now. 

Once I get back to work, I am going to be showing much more gratitude for all my team. This is teamwork. 

I completely enjoying this new journey, but I also appreciate the efforts of everyone around me for all these years. 

Changing times in the Advertising Industry

Akshay: Now that the perspective has completely changed of the way we shoot and advertise, is it challenging, and do you believe brands will prefer such work in the future?

Sunayana: There are many people I know are shooting from home. People will definitely consider this as an option. But, having said that, there are plenty of limitations of shooting from home. 

Though I am learning, I don’t want to be a one-man army. I would like to have people around me.

Overall it will change the industry. Though the improvisations have come in because of COVID, I believe this way of work will stay here for long. 

Clients now know that they can experiment with this. Importantly for them, this works at a lesser budget. 

Scary! but, will definitely consider this in the long run.

Passion will sail you through!

Akshay: Now that you are getting time to explore the short form of art. What do you do to keep your creative spirits on a higher note?

Sunayana: I get creative suggestions, from the ability to observe things around me. I absorb a lot of ideas from people I interact with or the stories that share with me. 

I think people who work in this field are creatively gifted. 

In my life, I try to convert tragedy into comedy. 

I was always an advertising student. Later I enter acting and got a chance to be in front of the camera. 

Now that I am at home, I have room to experiment with my own ideas. 

Akshay: Now that you are doing work and also you have to manage household chores, there are many women who are leading this lifestyle where they have to do both. How do you make sure you are productive in doing both. 

Sunayana: I am also still scrapping through. No one has got all the answers. I have my days where I have so much work at home, that I am not ready to put makeup and do content. 

Having said that, there is a strong desire that allows me to make content.

Once an actor, always an actor. 

I try and make time for myself. I plan my day. I try to get up early. I put alarms to run through my day, allocating time for each activity. 

End of it, I believe being passionate does help. 

In my case, I would like to mention that I have a very supportive family and in-laws. 

Continuing Exploring New Ideas

Akshay: Coming to the end of this podcast, tell us one thing that you want to do post this lockdown. 

Sunayana: I really wanted to travel. I had to cancel my tickets because of this pandemic. I know that this is not happening this year. 

Now all I want is it go out and have a coffee with my friends. 

I think this simple privileges that we had before, we completely took it for granted. 

Akshay: Thank you so much for your time. 

Sunayana: Thank you so much & don’t forget to tune in to my upcoming song which is for the women working from home. It is a dedication to the efforts that they put in.

Akshay: That’s wonderful. I will definitely check and share it with our viewers here. 

Sunayana: Thank you so much. 

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