Studying.. It’s around the corner…

Woaahhh.. So at last I could squeeze out a bit of time to do a easy but a fun manicure!!

Do you remember the Phenol!!!???

Personally speaking I am of the “Last Minute Learner” category.. you teach me anything too early in the year and I can assure you I will put up a brave last night before my paper to grasp every bit of the thing included!

But I guess for most of us (Indian Education System maybe :/) it’s been always like that, waste all of your time during the semester doing all the unnecessary things (again as prescribed by University or Board) and later sit in between hoards of gigantic books not knowing where to start… Now this is too irrelevant, but don’t you’ll think our so called “Excellent and Extensive” study pattern should change? That we should be provided with options to explore ourselves and let us decide what we want to pursue instead of mugging up others knowledge?

Duhh “( I start talking about eduction system and I may not just stop! So let’s keep it for sometime later…

To the point now 😛

Here is my version of the notebook nails and since I have attempted to scribble some of my lessons on them I have termed them as Study Nails!!!!

Scribbles + Doodles

As the month of March is coming near, we see most of the students burdened with studies for the final term of the year, so I thought why not just try out something that would bust off my stress as well as be exciting to create. I totally loved the idea of depicting this era on my nails.

I hope you guys are ready to have a face off with your studies…

Wish you all the luck and take care…