Street Animals: The Unheard

Most of us live in developed cities or developing towns. A place where people barely have time to ask others for their well being. Where we never look at what is happening around us, or what lies just a feet away. We start our day too early to our comfort and end it too late the same way.
Most of us young people have this desire to have a pet. Maybe a pet dog or a cat because we don’t have someone to play with, to cuddle or to talk to. When asked if we can bring home a furry bundle of joy, our parents mostly give a big fat NO because of all the compromise that comes along while getting one and basically we have working parents so no one will be at home to attend it. This leaves most of us highly disappointed. The fact that presence of a pet animal improves emotional bond in a child and helps it to grow up in the positive direction makes us more willing to be a proud pet owner. To top off the cake with icing are the prices of most pedigree dogs.
So what can we do in the end? Will we never enjoy all the fun of being a pet owner? Will we never have a furry friend who always is there to stand by our side? Will we never feel a warm lick on our palm?
Stray Dog


The answer to these questions lies among a community that had been living under covers for a long time. Some living creatures that have struggled since years to earn their living inside the ever changing civilization. They face the rough side of city life each day, fight it off and claim their survival. They are called “Stray/Street Animals”.
I have been feeding/helping stray animals since I was 12 years old. I used to be scared of them before as I was told that they are all very aggressive. But it was noon of 26th July,2005 (When the massive flood hit Mumbai), I came back home from school and my mother asked me to get some bread from a general store. I was heading back home when I saw this thin dog hiding under a tree trembling terribly. I don’t know how but I went back and got some biscuits and fed her and patted her head and ran back into my society gate. I went down after almost 4 days. As I was walking, suddenly a wet nose touched me. I looked back and it was the same dog I fed that day. She remembered me so well and looked so jolly to see me ! That day changed my perspective of these animals. I realized how much needy they are and how much they want to accept us.

Two Stray Cats on Garbage Containers

Everyone doesn’t goes through such an experience to understand this. Now my point here is, how can each of us contribute some time for our street friends. All they need is some food and love. Maybe we all can start taking care of just one dog at first, even that will bring a huge change in their lifestyle. Now that most street animals are vaccinated against rabies (they have a corner of the ear clipped to be identified), no one has to worry about getting bitten. When we offer them food and water, no stray animal will attack you all of a sudden. Sure it takes some time for both, the animal and us to gain each other’s trust. Every night we can give just 15 minutes to go out and give a stomach full of food to them. Why to throw away the left over food from our dinner when it can fill someone’s tummy to content? We can always ask hotel owner to give away the left over food so it can be fed to someone on the streets. All it takes is the first step and everything falls into place.
The perks of making street animals our pets are:
1) The don’t need to be inside of your house.
2) They don’t need lavish food to fill them.
3) They are extremely sturdy so rarely get sick.
4) You need not bathe them every weekend.!

Puppies should be fluffy and not skinny, isn't it.?
Puppies should be fluffy and not skinny, isn’t it.?


Having feeding dogs since past 8 years, all I can say is, there is no joy bigger than having a wagging tail follow you each time you go out. The cheer you say on their face when they see their “God” coming to them with their “Care Package” is just above everything else. It makes you a savior for a living being. You gain the animal’s blessing, love and everything they can give you.
All it needs is the first move. Go ahead, find your own roadside buddy and have the fun of you own pet dog or a pet cat.! Give it a nice name, tell everyone what they’re called.! You wont regret.

– AV-D


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