Staying connected beyond apps

Like usual, I boarded the 6:00 PM Dadar local to Kalyan.

I rushed inside the train to get myself a window seat, while the army of ladies followed me.

Though there is a queue system (First come first serve basis! – This system does not actually makes sense to me anyway *rolls eyes*), rushing and leaping in the train as soon as it arrives on the platform is a must!

In spite of the fast leaps and run, I was not able to get the window seat.

Still satisfied to find a 3rd seat, I settled there, sitting with my eyes closed and taking long breathes.


Just then I heard a loud “HI” coming from a woman.

It seemed like she had met someone after ages.

And that is what exactly the case was. Their loud greetings caught my attention.


The conversation was as follows:


Lady 1: Hiiiiiiii (Loudly with excitement)

Lady 2: Hiiiiiiiiii (Loudly with excitement)

(Now they hug each other, both saying- OMG! Where have you been? How are you?)

Lady 1: I am very much here in Mumbai. What about you.

Lady 2: Main bhi Mumbai mein hi re (I am too in Mumbai)

Lady 1: No contact, you just disappeared.

Lady 2: Disappeared. No dear. You have my number? It’s still the same old one.

Lady 1: (checks her phone and verifies the number with Lady 2)


After a few seconds pause.

Lady 1: You have disappeared. You are not on WhatsApp, Facebook and even skype.

It is difficult to be in touch with you.

Lady 2: Hmm


Eh? It was at this sentence, that my mind started its debate with me.

Is Facebook, WhatsApp, skype or FaceTime so important to be in touch with friends or people close to you?

I have myself experienced such surprise reactions from people when they learn, that I don’t have Facebook installed on my phone or when they learn I am not using WhatsApp.

Of course these chat apps or social networking sites are a good means of communication, but often people forget that they are not the only options available.

Today (most) people look at WhatsApp or Facebook as something really important like a VSId (that is Virtual Social Identification Number), so much that if your pal is not using any of these, there is absolutely no mode of keeping in touch with him/her.

We still have phone calls, e-mails and SMS facilities with us. Remember?

Have we become so addicted to this “app culture” that we will totally rule out other modes of staying connected and give in reaching to our friends or close one’s if they chose, to not use such apps?

Some people might not like using these apps, it could be just a matter of preference.

We as adults have forgotten to respect this aspect of choice, of preference.

We forget that technology was made to “help” us, but instead we are slowly turning slaves to technology.

Just as one can choose whether to install a particular app or not, similarly an individual has the right to decide how socially active he or she can be or which app he/she wants to install.


Let’s make use of the technology in right spirit. Let’s not forget that social networking sites and apps (or internet as whole) are just “one” of the means of communication invented to bring the world together.


Let’s not make these options, the criteria to decide if we can be in touch with our friends or closed ones.


Let us respect the preference, Let us respect the privacy of an individual and

Let’s Stay Connected!