If you are looking at a book that is well-paced, has an amazing plot, has a narrative where you don’t want to stop reading, simply pick up Mainak Dhar’s Sniper’s Eye. A power-packed novel with a mix of everything that one would seek in a classic thriller. 

Mainak Dhar is a well-known author with his earlier book already wearing the crown of a bestseller. I thought of picking up this one, due to its utter brilliance with the cover and the title. The cover of the book feels good and is designed to convey the heart of the story in visualization. Not only that the title of the book is “Eye Catching”. If that is not enough, the whole “One Shot. One Kill” builds the tempo in to have your own chase of words to know what lies beneath this well-designed cover. 

As soon as you open the book and rush to the first chapter, you will tap yourself for picking up this book. It is just that good. I am not over exaggerating and not taking any credit away from the Author Mainak Dhar for his super strong narrative. The book keeps you hooked from the word go. The book is utterly crisp and to the point. Each event and plot is detailed out perfectly. While reading, the reader can easily visualize the event in his mind. It is that simple yet compact. 

Sniper’s Eye gets you involved in the story. I personally liked the storyline. The readability easy, but the book demands basic control over the language. Apart from that, there is very little that one would not like about the book. Overall the book makes it a must-read. I am sure you would enjoy this story. 

Find the compact social media review for the book:

In a Nutshell:
Killer. An Engaging Read

What I liked:
Brilliant Narrative.
Well thought plot.
Keeps the reader hooked.

What could have been improved:
I can’t think of anything that was worth improving. The book gets you involved.

The Review:
Book Type: Fiction
Category: Indian Writing, Contemporary Fiction
Readability: Easy
Overall book verdict: 4.5/5
Story & Concept: 4.5/5
Detailing & Information: 4.3/5
Cover: 4.2/5
Overall Edit: 4/5
The flow of Chapters: 4.2/5

You can find a copy of the book here:

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