We kindle our mind thinking if we have taken decisions in alternative manners things would have been better. Most of us do that, at times we also crib about the better things that happened to people because they chose what you once thought of doing. Life is all about possibilities. No one would deny the fact, that few decisions of life would have taken them to another horizon in life. Let it be a career, relationships, or any other attribute of life, we all have thought “What if?” 

Smriti Khullar- Profile Pic Author What If

Probably this was the reason why I thought of picking up this book. But, the author has taken the power of these two words to altogether another level. Smriti Khullar the author of this book in the first few pages of these book makes you contemplate these two words (What If). The Impact of these two words is substantial, the only time you realize is when we think about it. 

As we move further in the book, the story evolves with ease. It is a comforting book with a good pace as the chapters flow smoothly. Then comes the twist that will make you feel that you want to read more. This is when the book starts getting intense. The story of “What if?” It is well-crafted, but at the end of the book, you will realize that the book is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. It is simply good. The book comes with a message, a lesson that so easy to understand but difficult to practice. 

Overall the book is a good read. The readability of the book is easy. The edits are crisp and the detailing is good enough to have a better visualization of the events. It is a contemplating read. The book is short and makes for a quick read. Definitely a book to have on self. 

What If Book Cover

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In a Nutshell:
Contemplating Thriller. Loved it.

What I liked:
Enthralling Narrative.
Brilliant Plot.
A strong message to the readers.

What could have been improved:
Well, I wanted to read more of it. It ends so soon.

The Review:
Book Type: Fiction
Category: Indian Writing, Contemporary Fiction
Readability: Easy
Overall book verdict: 4.2/5
Story & Concept: 4.2/5
Detailing & Information: 4/5
Cover: 4/5
Overall Edit: 4/5
The flow of Chapters: 4.1/5

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