Sampada Vaze on her role in Siya Ke Ram

Name Sampada Vaze
Age 30
TMR Team  Tell us how did you land Siya Ke Ram
Sampada  My acting debut was on Star One’s show “Pyar Ki Kashti Mein”. After that I went on to play lead roles in shows for Sony, Zee TV and I also played the female lead in Telegu feature films and anchored a prime time reality show on Sab TV. When I decided to come back to TV and I was offered Siya Ke Ram which is the biggest show on Star Plus right now-there is no way I could say no to it.


TMR Team  Why do you enjoy playing this part?
Sampada The show, the presentation of it and everything about it is larger than life. The Ramayan is our greatest epic and on screen I am playing (step mother) to one of our gods-Lord Ram and mother to Laxman. It’s an iconic role and I am fortunate to be part of it.

On a lighter note – I get to dress up like a queen (literally) every day. Every day is fresh and exciting-some day there might be a 100 chariots and horses, some day asuras and Rakshas and some day a contingent of sadhus. So every day is fresh and exciting and it’s great fun to shoot as well.
I have also got positive feedback for my portrayal of the character and for all the reasons I really enjoy playing this part.
Sampada Vaze

TMR Team  Your favourite reaction so far?
Sampada Vaze  Sumitra was the least known wife of Raja Dashratha which gives me the most scope to interpret the role creatively. My favourite reaction has been something I have heard from most fans – I have been complimented

Sampada Vaze

Sampada Vaze


TMR Team Are mythological serials taxing?
Sampada Vaze Yes, I would say so. All acting takes a lot out of each actor-physically  and emotionally and mythological serials even more so.

TMR Team What do you like to do off work/off the set?
Sampada Vaze I read a lot, I am also fond of travelling and have travelled extensively all over the world and of course in India too.

TMR Team How is doing a mythology show different from doing any TV serial so far?
Sampada Vaze It’s very different-for one the presentation is almost always larger than life and secondly one is playing a character which is not just history but also part of our epics which is a huge responsibility for any actor.

TMR Team One show you wish you had done?
Sampada Vaze As I mentioned earlier, I would love to be part of “24” There are a lot of new and exciting shows with fresh subjects being made on Indian TV and I am excited about looking at upcoming opportunities.

Fun part about playing a mythological charachter like Sumitra
I found myself identifying with the character since she is spiritual and calm. One or two of her dialogues resonated with me specially since I was going through some challenges in my personal life at the same time.

TMR Team Has social media changed the way fans interact with you?
Sampada Vaze Yes, because the reaction and feedback to everything is instantaneous. Also with the direct interaction options available on all social media fans can interact directly with us if they want. And they also know much more in detail about our personal life as well. So social media as a whole has brought us closer to our fan and bridged the space.

TMR Team Reality TV shows are the big buzz. Are we likely to see you in any?
Sampada Vaze Maybe if I like something that is offered I would take it up.

TMR Team TV shows you like to watch?
Sampada Vaze I of course watch my show. Then I really enjoy watching “Sumit Sambhal Lega” which is a very interesting take off on “Everybody Loves Raymond” I am also waiting for the next season of 24 and would love to be part of it.

TMR Team What interest sites are book marked on your phone!
Sampada Vaze Huffington Post is something I follow. Also which is a tarot website which I find very accurate, eerily so at times. Also my blog that I run where I write on luxury, travel and also feature my friends from the industry is called It’s hugely popular and its of course marked on my phone.

TMR Team Resolution for 2016
Sampada Vaze I am 3-4 kgs overweight and my plan is to loose that weight. Also every year I try to learn something new-last year I started my blog and the year before that I learned scuba diving. In 2016 too I am determined to learn or do something new. And of course every year I travel to or see at least 2 new countries so that’s also on my list. Apart from that I also plan to work in the Marathi industry since I am a Maharashtrian. This is something which because of my work commitments I have never had time to do before.

You can connect with Sampada on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
@SampadaVaze My FB page is also by the same name and so is my Instagram profile.