Setting of a Sun called Sachin Tendulkar

It has been a voyage and a long one. You spend 24 years of your life doing that one obsession day in and day out and suddenly there comes this day you got to shift away from it. How do you do that??


It was the very last time “God of Cricket”- Sachin Tendulkar walked out to bat. It was his last, his 200th test match, an achievement in itself. His home ground the Wankhede stadium overflowed, not just with his fans but their expectations. They had come to watch their “God” for the very last time expecting a 100 for one last time. Certainly not a big asks from someone who already has had 100s of them to his name.

It was vintage Tendulkar on display. He was aggressive but composed. There was determination to fulfill the expectations of his beloved fans. The straight drive, cover drive, paddle sweep, leg glance, every stroke played so elegantly as if he wanted to gather his whole career in that one inning. Tino Best made sure there was some drama, he tried sledging out the master; successful only to get his hands on his knees – a sign he has surrendered!

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Sachin was battling not with the bowling which he dominated, it was the emotional connection with the game, he had touched the pitch as if thanking the 22 yards, had never done that before.


After remaining not out on 38 overnight, Sachin dominated his way to 74, until that one ball, the fifth of the 47th over. Sammy had stood by his words, when he had said at the start of the series he would break many Indian hearts, he had just done that. Sammy took a sharp catch at slip to dismiss the master. There was morgue silence. It was against the run of play. Realization of not being able to see him again brought tears to many eyes.

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 The man walked back to the pavilion not failing to acknowledge the support he had got for 24 long years. Tendulkar walked for the last time but as we know Sun might set but it will always shine.