Rivers abused at pilgrimage areas

This video was share with us, by reporters from Ujjain and the activists trying to clean the rivers.**

It is quite well known fact that, the rivers near the pilgrimage are believed to wash away all the sins. This belief attracts plenty of visitors to come in and offer prayers. Everything seems good till the prayers are offered, but the part of the prayers where flowers and other materials are set off on the river, helps nothing but to pollute them.


Mrs. Lalita Shinde trying her best to solve issues of rivers Godavari and Shipra

Lalita Shinde on her visit to Madhya Pradesh, she realized the story of river Shipra is the same. The saints coming to Ujjain have clearly mentioned about their disappointment in the way the river is treated. Most of the sewage water is let in the river Shipra.


Mrs. Lalita Shinde while addressing problems at river Shipra. Mrs. Lalita Shinde is a board member on the trust of Tribakeshwar, Nashik which is also an Indian Heritage Site. 

It was also reported that few of the purification pumps were damaged and are not repaired for months.
This is a total disgrace. Governments should look into this quickly. Also the people who visit rivers should make it a point not to abuse it.


Shiva mandir at ujjain, madhya pradesh