Reloaded !

Hii…. Long time, but that doesn’t mean I was away from my love!

In 2014 I have updated my blog with a trendy leopard print nail design (which is a part of Animal Print Series) and a detailed TUTORIAL for Gradient Nails. I couldn’t find time to sit up and type out a few words to share my work here, but here I am now!

Firstly, let me share with you all a bit of my happiness- recently at a local competition in my college, I won the first place for nail art. Reason for sharing? My joy obviously, but more importantly a quick message.

As mentioned before I have not been even doing nail art for a year (technically), that not only limits my knowledge and practice but to add up, nail stuff in India is bit over priced. But winning something at a local level might not mean anything to a professional, but for people like us, who put up efforts to extract time out for our hobby and crave to learn more from any relevant source- Is a Big Thing!!

I am looking forward to learn more cause it serves me with happiness and a desire to move ahead; it indeed is a stress buster in this otherwise stuffed-up life.

For now I have a few designs to share, but I am planning to post a pic of the mani I did for the competition soon!!

See ya till then.. take care :*