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The world of web-series has evolved the game of storytelling in India. We have definitely seen more highs then low, and every artist has experimented with appreciable horizons. No more we are limited to the restricted storylines. Web-series are too exploration of art. ZEE5 has been at the pinnacle of experimentation and delivering sheer entertainment. 

Adding further the experimentation with cinematography, sounds, VFX and many more microelements of film-making has made the process of storytelling interesting. In this area of promising story-telling ZEE5 Network has come up with a brilliant piece of storyline that redefines the rules of friendship. Not only that, but the visualization of characters makes the series make you fall in love with it. 

ZEE5’s new web-series “Never Kiss Your Best Friend” is a romantic drama like never before. The show was released on 20th January 2020. The screenplay is smooth and keeps you wanting for more. But, the heart of the series is its story-telling. The Story is something that everyone would love and relate to. As stories, viewers wanted to see more possibilities with the plot, and this series delivers it to perfection. 

Though the show is an adaptation from Sumrit Sahi’s book called “Never Kiss Your Best Friend”. The web-series version is improvised, and definitely viewers have cherished it completely. The title obviously suggests the best practices that one should follow in friendships. But, the couple staring in shows all the explorations one should not necessarily try. 

The start of the story gets interesting as it runs through the flashback of how Sumer and Tanie had their first meet. Which gives a glimpse of the entertainment in store for the rest of the series. Though “Never Kiss Your Best Friend” lived up to the momentum it creates throughout. The character of Anya, who has managed the narrative with sarcastic and whimsical lines. That makes you appreciate the dialogue writing team. For many Durjoy Datta fans, you would be glad to know that he is part of writing dialogues for this series. 

“Never Kiss Your Best Friend” comprises 10 episodes and each one builds up emotions and there is a special connection with the characters of Tanie Brar & Summer Singh Dhillon. Nakuul Mehta & Anya Singh have done more than justice to their roles. Tanie narrates the events through her view, which makes the character relatable and loveable.

Nakuul on the other end has done a brilliant job to fit in as a 20-year-old character in flashback scenes. The 37-year-old actor has managed to win the hearts of the fans again with this wonderful performance. Though his character has explored new-horizons in the form of Sumer. The on-screen chemistry is thrilling in between Nakuul & Anya. The ups and downs of their relationship is at the heart of the series. 

The cast is well-chosen and each one of the characters has a stronghold to keep the storyline tight. Niki Aneja, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Rituraj Singh, and Vivek Mushran play roles of parents for the duo of Anya and Nakuul. Rituraj and Suchitra play Nakuul’s parents whereas Vivek and Niki play Anya’s parents. 

The series will be another web-series that will be in the binge watch list of the Millenials. Mainly because of the way it handles issues related to dealing with homophobia, drugs, open-relationships, and drugs. It also highlights the challenges of having more than friendly relations. Though there is no promotion of use of substance, but it displays the challenges that one has due to the use of it. 

The ability to pull out each episode in around 25 minutes makes it a quick watch. Also, it allows viewers to move faster through the story. That gives an added advantage if you have a lot to watch on your watch list. The episodes also end with an engaging cliff-hangers.

The series is shot in London, it definitely adds to the pleasure of watching. The color textures are pleasant and the post-production has been up to the mark. After all, post-production changes the game of any film. 

The music scores are worth listening to. The background scores also find a special mention. The tracks Jee Na Paunga by Vishal Mishra and Jaane Na Dunga Kahin sung by Armaan Malik can be played as many times you like in a loop. 

Overall, the series is highly recommended. This story has many flavors. All of those are highly pleasing. The storyline explores the possibilities of friendships. It builds different perspectives about leading your romantic life. The story is very refreshing, and it is a splash of entertainment that viewers were looking for. The trailer on youtube has got more than 1 Million views.

I believe you would enjoy this refreshing new series. It has got a positive rating from critics and audiences alike. Do let us know what you feel about the series. Happy Binge Watching.

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