A photographer’s view in the North

I came across a letter by a photographer traveler, it was amazing to have his view on the North Tourism in India. Do read out his letter and check the photographs he has clicked. You can find more photographs here: https://goo.gl/UznRfO

Hi Aditya here, I’m a photographer and a Cinematographer by profession, i’ve recently shot a web series for TVF , a travel show for Living Foodz with the India’s finest and top class chef’s, i do commercial projects have shot big fat destination weddings all over India and few other countries such as Bali , Thailand , Kenya , Bahrain .




Recently we celebrated 25th wedding anniversary of my parents in Jammu & Kashmir, it was a very risky decision according to us before entering it, my Dad wasn’t sure that we should or shouldn’t take this chance of entering this state as there were a lot of rumors about the attacks of tourist’s, throwing of stones and other news spread by our media person’s,but as day’s were passing by we were enjoying our stay there and also the beautiful view that we were witnessing daily, the people there are so warm and welcoming towards tourists, because we are their bread and butter and then the reality hit us that they don’t harm the tourist’s, and it just the rumors which had reduced the tourism there and is harming their tourism. All i want to convey with my pictures which link ill be attaching below, is that it’s very very safe to travel there and it’s our Paradise and every Indian should visit once in their lifetime, especially we Mumbaikars to release our stress in those snow clad mountains.



It would be a great help if you guys share my pictures through this platform. Thanks. Cheers.