Photo Frame

Her eyes closed with her wrists raised over her ears, the fingers precisely tried to grip her hair, which she purposely pulled to relax the pumping veins. She recalled the loss she had in her office, the extent of work that piled up was taking the whole schedule for toss, and she was worried that she could not spend time with Dipesh the way he asked for.

The smile on her face, stretched from ear to ear, considering the problems she faced. Her thoughts ran miles into the past wondering how it had been so beautiful with Dipesh and the quality time they used to spend. But past six months when Dipesh needed her the most she failed to stand up for him.

Exactly six months back, Dipesh lost his Hands, while operating machinery in the basement, ever since the incident Dipesh moved out and went out to find peace and beauty of life in smaller things.

He called her, but it was beyond her understanding. She could not figure out what was wrong with him. She kept on thinking with her eyes closed, what she can possibly do to make things better, for a second she thought what if that past was never written.

She slowly let her brown eyes open, rubs them and starts walking towards the staircase that leads to the basement to find a solution that would make him happy. Just to find out some old collection of music records by Pink Floyd. As she is about to step down towards the basement, she gets caught up in the gown and falls into darkness.

Suddenly, she wakes up and finds herself entangled in the bed sheet under Dipesh’s arm. She couldn’t believe the nightmare she had. It was 20 minutes past 5 in the morning. The sun had failed to kiss the mud yet. It was an overcast morning. She walked towards the window, breathing faster than before. The thought of losing Dipesh for days scared her.

She knew she couldn’t live without him, he had been her only love and support, her orphan soul which lived on the footpath had his footprints on her heart.

The doorbell rang; she thought it is the milkman at the door. She went to the kitchen to get the vessel and headed towards the door.

When she opened the door, she saw the milkman fallen down bleeding, with a knife thrown nearby, she shouts for Dipesh and runs back to the bedroom. Dipesh failed to hear her voice in his deep sleep.

She tries hard to wake him up. She shouts louder and louder. She sits across the bed crying; she could hear the doorbell ring. This time it rang with fewer intervals.

She precipitously realized she is still in bed and was in a dream, she tries to get up slowly and smiles staring at Dipesh inside the photo frame with the garland trying to cover his bravery batch.