One thing you might need to do apart from your investments for a better future post retirement.

How often do we end up listening to advice from experts and peers about saving money for better future. Its undoubtedly good to have money in hand when you plan to have a safe and relaxing lifestyle.

But what we wonder, is that enough? What do we need to do make our life a sheer pleasure and luxurious one post retirement. Because we all know money can’t buy happiness. Happiness what we find in being with our family, our friends and the ones who touch our life. Simply we can’t buy this happiness.

No monthly saving would suffice, for the love that we need from our own blood and flesh.

All we thought is to bring forward to you, things you might need to do post your retirement, to earn that happiness.

All we say as it was infamously said, treat people the way you want to be treated. The saying goes pretty well with family.

Don’t send them to old age homes, share a part of your life with them. They have given you part of theirs when you needed them.