There is something special when it comes to explaining emotions and events through poems, prose or by minimum use of words. The power of imagination when expressed through minimum words has its own charm. I have been always fond of artwork that is experimental. The one that has a blend of different verticals. This is when on the recommendation of a friend, I ventured out to pick up “The King of the sea” by Nandan Gautam. I had heard a lot about the book, so I definitely had an expectation build by this one. When I started reading this one, I loved the way this Musical Odyssey was built up. 

The book has a beautiful cover to start with. It looks completely mystic. The color tones and the aura it builds sets the tone for the powerful narrative that you come across in the book. It is written on the challenges that one faces in life. The write up comes with meaningful messages for addressing the challenges of life. The book is very well-paced, you don’t feel like it is taking time to go through pages. Not only the speed but the depth of the thoughts makes it an enthralling read. 

It is definitely one of its kind books. “The King of the Sea” is a classic in self, a collection of well-thought poetries. It is a book written with a lot of patience and deep thought. Each page of it reflects the thoughtfulness. Readers who love to explore deep values and thoughts, this book is a treat for them. 

The underlying elements of the narrative are worth appreciating. It can be overwhelming at the start but the journey of reading gets fascinating as we move ahead in the novel. The book is definitely an inspiring and promising one. I would definitely recommend this one for a read. 

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The Review:
Book Type: Fiction
Category: Indian Writing
Readability: Easy
Overall book verdict: 4.1/5
Story & Concept: 4.5/5
Detailing & Information: 4/5
Cover: 4.2/5 
Overall Edit: 4/5

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