Nail Candy




Hello everyone!!

Am I doing nail art for ages? No!

Have I trained? No!

Do I possess all the tools? No!

Actually in this tech freak world it is comparatively easy to catch up with the newest trends, the techniques, etc. I always had a soft corner towards nail polishes, not that I could apply them properly, but I did have… last year college started and I had people around me adorning beautiful manicures which they got done from nail spas. To spend in a nail spa is something I never appreciated. With a smartphone in hand and Youtube, I started learning the little bits of this amazing art!

It used to be extremely mediocre initially, but as more and more designs I did on my nails, the perfection started to set in. Yeah, that is the key – Practice! The more you try to apply your paint properly the easier you will find it the next time.

To start with let me introduce you guys to myself! I am Udita and I am not a professional nail artist.. so why am I here? Throughout the last year, all I spent my time on was learning nail art, trying to do different designs, experiment with potential nail art tools, find alternatives to cut down affordability barrier and ya, learn to keep my cuticles healthy 😛

Not always you need 50 nail polish shades on your racks to create a stunning design, a simple chic design having nothing else but a proper coat of nail polish and a few dots lying here and there, can definitely make people notice your nails. So for my first post on this site, I want to share with you a design that I had done a few months back – Nail Candy!

A Sundae inspiration

A Sundae inspiration

Nail Candy is one of those designs that I just love, its easy and quick. In June I had gone to this one place serving ice cream Sundaes, it had a scoop of vanilla, strawberry and blackcurrant styled with a few colored gems. I loved the visual combo so much that I decided to present it on my nails. Personally I always think that inspirations teach you, some people call it theft but I guess to recreate the same thing in your own style changes the design to an appreciable extent.

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You are ready to show off a bit!!