Nail Art for Short Nails

I come across many girls who complain of having short nails and say that they wish they could paint their nails creatively someday. Well to some extent I agree too, that stunted nails are pretty difficult to design; you can’t execute a complex design as efficiently as you might like and finding proper tools to fit the selected design on their nails is a totally another task.

leopard print 2

Since my mom has stunted nails, I occasionally scrounge for nail designs suitable for short nails but elegant enough to not look “packed-up”. To check for the color combinations I had painted this subtle yet ferocious leopard print on my nail art wheel. While I was manicuring my mom she suggested me to do that design on her nails. Initially I was apprehensive about its look, but after it was complete, I must say that it looked so good on her nails.





  • Apply a layer of base coat.
  • Apply two coats of pastel yellow polish.
  • Using the blunt end of a toothpick, draw random circular shapes with orange polish and let them dry.
  • Using the pointed end of a toothpick and black polish outline the orange circles (not to perfection!) and also dot in some random black dots.
  • Apply a layer of topcoat.

leopard print 1

leopard print 3

You are done!!