Miracle Mike – The headless chicken

How often do we strike to perfection by mistake? To such a perfection where a rooster lives without his head? Sounds some kind of hoax isn’t it? But six decades back in late forties Lloyd Olsen on 10th September 1945 on his way to get some flesh for food stroke an axe on to his four month old  rooster Mike.

Miracle Mike

Miracle Mike

The strike got the better half of Mike but left behind the ear and much of the brain stem. Lloyd found the rooster breathing and alive to his surprise then he took the decision to take care of Mike who later gained fame as the Miracle Mike.

Lloyd started feeding the rooster with the help of eyedropper. After seeing Miracle Mike’s survival instincts Lloyd took him to the Salt Lake. The University of Utah at Salt Lake examined the mike to understand the science behind his survival. The Wyandotte rooster survived almost 18 months with his head cut off. There are records that he grew upto 8lbs after the incident that took place when he was just 2.5 lbs.

The Miracle Mike gained lot of fame for him and the Fruita, Colorado he was insured for US$10,000. There were paid tickets to watch him for 25 cents during those 18 months.

His legacy lives till today as Fruita celebrates the third weekend of May every year as the Mike the headless chicken festival. People from around the globe come down to experience the immortality of the Miracle Mike that lives beyond the 18 months of survival.

The 15th annual festival was held on 17th and 18th of May 2013 which had events such as 5k Run, Disc Golf Tournament, Bicycle Poker Ride and many more. The festival had a free entry.

You can know more about the Miracle Mike
at their official website: http://www.miketheheadlesschicken.org